LPL Committee Roster

2015-2016 Committee Roster

James A. Brown, New Orleans, LA

A. Michael Furman, New York, NY
Eileen R. Garczynski, McLean, VA
Arthur E. Justice, Jr., Florence, SC
Shari L. Klevens, Washington, DC
Karen Painter Randall, Roseland, NJ
Shauna Reeder, New York, NY
Willard Shih, Woodbridge, NJ
Richard A. Simpson, Washington, DC
Daniel Zureich, Cary, NC

Board Liaison
Wendell G. Large, Portland, ME

Mark CS Bassingthwaighte, Billings, MT
(Section of Law Practice Management)

Johannes Kingma, Atlanta, GA
(Tort and Insurance Practice Section)

Amanda K. Dudgeon, Charleston, SC
(Young Lawyer Division)

Special Advisors
Ben Hill, Tampa, FL
Joseph Shores, Chicago, IL

Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers
Charles E. Lundberg, Roseville, MN


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Updated 11/24/2015