Call Center Operations - Screening Calls

Screening Calls

Lawyer referral and information service programs provide efficient telephone screening. An initial means of providing information to potential clients is through a phone message that conveys basic information about the services offered by your program. It is critical to getting the most appropriate callers for your LRIS program, that you educate all of the legal resource providers in your area through networking and building a resource agency directory.

An essential element of the majority of public service lawyer referral programs is the initial client interview conducted by the LRIS intake specialists. Following are several tools for assisting the intake specialist in examining how to make every call successful, and the general guiding principles for subject matter screening.

A particularly helpful tool is a staff training manual that orients call center specialists to the unique nature of legal intake.

New York City Bar Association Chart Defining Terms & Referral Categories

Updated: 03/05/2010