2013-14 ABA CoLAP Committees

Hon. Sarah (Sallie) L. Krauss

Diversity Initiative
Elsa Leyva, Co-Chair
Donald L. Allen, Jr, Co-Chair

Eileen O’Brien, Chair

Judicial Assistance Initiative
John Rowley, Co-Chair
Richard S. Brown, Co-Chair

LAP Services/Evaluations
Michael Cohen, Co-Chair
Linda Albert, Co-Chair

Law School Assistance
David Jaffe, Chair

Life Balance
Laura McClendon, Co-Chair
Cecie Hartigan, Co-Chair

National Conference Planning
Mike Larson, Co-Chair
Barbara Ezyk, Co-Chair

Robert (Butch) L. Childers, Chair

Senior Lawyers
Terry Harrell, Co-Chair
Tracy Kepler, Co-Chair

If you would like to get involved with any of the following committees, please contact Will Hornsby by E-mail or phone at (312) 988-5761.

Updated 4/8/2014