The Assembly is the policymaking body of the Division. Its membership is comprised of two official voting delegates from each ABA-approved law school. One delegate is the Law Student Division School Representative from that school; the other is the law school's Student Bar Association President. The Assembly convenes only once a year at the Division's Annual meeting where it debates and votes on resolutions and elects the Division's three delegates to the Association's House of Delegates.

Assembly members also comprise two standing committees at the Annual meeting: the Credentials Committee and the Nominations and Elections Committee. The Chair of the Division appoints both the Credentials and Elections Committee Chairs and the membership of each committee is comprised of representatives from each circuit.

The Credentials Committee is responsible for the credentialing and registration of each Assembly delegate. In addition, the Credentials Committee Chair certifies the number of eligible voters prior to each Assembly business session.

The Elections Committee works with the Board of Governors Elections Committee to oversee the election of three Division Delegates by the Assembly and a Vice-Chair/SBA-Elect by the SBA Conference and the Division's Board of Governors.

The Division Assembly meets during the Annual Meeting. Each ABA accredited law school is entitled to two official voting delegates, the school representative and SBA president (or official proxies). Each voting delegate should be reminded that he or she must have the proper credentials before he or she can be admitted to the floor of the Assembly. Each voting delegate must have a current membership and be the listed representative from his or her school. Any assignment of voting privileges must be in writing signed by the current representative.

Election of the division delegates takes place at the Annual Meeting. The LSD school representative may encourage members of his or her school to run for the office of division delegate. Voting Assembly delegates should make an effort to meet all the candidates, so that they may cast an informed vote.