Resource Kit on Fair & Impartial Courts/LUB

Resource Kit on Fair and Impartial Courts

SCJI has developed the materials below to assist those interested in implementing LUB and responding to attacks on the judiciary.  The materials include sample editorials, op-ed pieces, letters to the editor, and a message platform on the importance of "fair and impartial courts" to our democratic society.  The LUB resources include two brochures, “Countering the Critics – A Question and Answer Guide” and “Countering the Critics II: Suggested Responses to Tough Questions”, which provide guidance for speakers presenting LUB programs.  The resources also include a DVD, Protecting Our Rights, Protecting Our Courts, describing what courts do, what people should expect of the courts and what they have the right to expect, which is intended as a suggested introduction for LUB programs.

SCJI has provided training to state and local bar associations to assist in delivering these messages effectively and SCJI is available as a resource to any bar association or other group that is interested in implementing LUB.


Download Video: Protecting Our Rights, Protecting Our Courts 

Sample Op-Ed

Sample Letter to the Editor

Message Platform on a Fair and Impartial Judiciary

Judicial Independence Quotes from Key Columns

Judicial Independence Quotes from Key Editorials

Responses of Bar Leaders To Threats to Judicial Independence

Sample Resolution for State and Local Governments

Countering the Critics Pamphlet I

Countering the Critics Pamphlet II

Rapid Response to Unfair and Unjust Criticism of Judges

Sample Speeches

ABA President Robert J. Grey Jr.

Address to Columbus Metropolitan Club

Address to State Bar of South Dakota

Law Day Speech

Address to Ohio State Bar Association

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