American Jury Initiative

American Jury Initiative

We invite you to join in our effort to create better justice through better juries.

ABA President Robert Grey Jr. has launched the American Jury Initiative to strengthen the jury as a democratic institution and enhance Americans’ understanding of its role in our system of law and government.

Learn more about the ABA’s new principles on jury service, test your knowledge of the American jury, and get the materials and resources you need to lead educational programs on the jury in your community.

President Grey has formed two groups to accomplish the work of the American Jury Initiative.

The first group is the 23-member
American Jury Project. Chaired by Phoenix lawyer Patricia Refo, the American Jury Project has produced a single set of modern jury principles that the ABA can propose as a model for courts around the country. The revised principles were approved by the ABA House of Delegates during the ABA Midyear Meeting in February 2005.

The second group is the 21-member
Commission on the American Jury. The Commission's honorary chair is U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. The Commission's co-chairs are New York Chief Judge Judith Kaye, Chicago lawyer Manuel Sanchez, and Oscar Criner, foreman of the Arthur Andersen jury in 2002. The Commission is charged with outreach to the public, the legal profession, and the courts.