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IP is All Around Us®  Video Series

The IP Is All Around Us® series highlights patent, trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property in real life situations. Each video in the series features a group of young lawyers who visit different venues to identify, explain, and explore how intellectual property affects and shapes their daily lives. The five current videos feature:

  • The laboratories of Eli Lilly's ImClone Systems;
  • Historical archives of AT&T;
  • The stadium of the New York Red Bulls soccer team;
  • The cellars of City Winery in New York City; and
  • The home of Julie Gold, Grammy-award winning songwriter of "From A Distance" (as performed by Bette Midler).

We encourage you to share these videos in the classroom or for CLE purposes. The videos serve as starting points in a continuing conversation about why intellectual property exists, what function intellectual property serves, and when intellectual property benefits rights holders and the public.

For further information on patents and trademarks, visit www.uspto.gov, and for further information on copyrights, visit www.copyright.gov.

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These videos serve as a concise basis for a more detailed conversation between lawyers and clients, colleagues, students, and the public about the value of IP rights. These videos also provide a great introduction to a longer presentation on a substantive IP issue to university students or CLE audiences. Each video covers at least one aspect of IP law and most them cover multiple concepts, including: copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. The videos provide a common vocabulary that can be further developed during in-person conversations.

IP IS ALL AROUND US®  is a trademark of the ABA