Public Outreach

ABA-IPL Joins the USPTO at the National Trademark Expo

In October the ABA-IPL Section joined the USPTO at its National Trademark Expo—participating as an Expo Exhibitor and providing information about the legal importance of trademarks. Each year the United States Patent and Trademark Office holds the National Trademark Expo, disseminating trademark information to educate the public about the importance trademarks play in our society and in the global marketplace. Open to the public, the Expo draws a crowd of approximately 17,000 attendees over two days. Attendees range from experienced trademark examiners to children of all ages learning about the concept of a trademark.

The two days of this year’s event saw constant crowds at the ABA-IPL booth, which promoted the Section’s name and expertise and featured interactive activities for both adults and children. Attendees were challenged by participating in a “Brand Memory Game,” in which visual clues were provided and participants named the brand based on clues—the more brands they named the better the prize. Gifts marked with the Section’s “ABA-IPL” brand were given to game winners. The game helped to reinforce exposure to trademarks (on average people are exposed to 1,500 trademarks a day) and the role they play to distinguish a product. Distinctiveness was the main theme of the children’s activity. Young attendees were invited into the booth to “Trademark a Toy.” Children selected a toy and decided on its name. Then they were taken through the steps of a trademark search and given explanations on the distinctness of the name they had chosen. It was a win-win for the children: at the end of the game, they got to keep their toys. 

Attendees at the booth also had the opportunity to view the newest videos produced by the ABA-IPL Young Lawyers Action Group (YLAG), “IP is ALL Around Us.” Two of the videos focus on the importance of trademarks through visits to the Red Bull Soccer Arena and NYC’s City Winery. The exhibit provided an opportunity for a preliminary showing of the videos, prior to the full roll out of all four videos in the beginning of 2013.  

The ABA-IPL Section received kudos and excellent feedback on the booth from attendees and USPTO Expo representatives. A special thank you goes to Matthew Asbell, Sharra Brockman, Jayne Durden, Matthew Hintz, David Postolski, Eric Null, and Amer Raja for their hard work and dedication to support the Section’s exhibit plans and activities.

Disaster Relief

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief: ABA-IPL encourages members to get involved

ABA-IPL is partnering with the Disaster Legal Services Program of the ABA Young Lawyers Division (ABA YLD) in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Through the Disaster Legal Services Program, the ABA YLD and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provide immediate temporary legal assistance to disaster survivors at no charge.  The ABA YLD will provide these services via hotlines in response to Hurricane Sandy.  If you would like to serve as a volunteer attorney to assist victims who call the hotline please contact the YLD District Representative for your state.  District Representatives can be located at

Please note: ABA-IPL members licensed in New York should contact the ABA-YLD District Representative for New York and ABA-IPL members licensed in New Jersey should contact the ABA-YLD District Representative for New Jersey.

If you have questions regarding the program please contact Gina Sadler, Business Specialist, or David Nguyen, Disaster Legal Services Director.