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This is the Legislative Newsletter provided by the ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law, as legislative news develops. This Newsletter is available to any member of the ABA-IPL Section. See the end of this message for information on how to unsubscribe.



Legislative Efforts 

Legislative Efforts

Letter to U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Leahy and Ranking Member Grassley on S. 1720 and related bills pending before the Judiciary Committee. - February 5, 2014

Letter to U.S. House Judiciary Committee Chair Lamar Smith on H.R. 1249 re: fee diversion - June 20, 2011



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Executive Branch 

Executive Branch

ABA-IPL Comments to USPTO on the Draft 2014-2018 Strategic Plan - November 25, 2013

ABA-IPL Comments to the USPTO on Post Registration Amendments to Identifications of Goods and Services Due to Technology - November 27, 2013


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Amicus Briefs 

ABA Amicus Briefs

ABA Amicus Brief in  Nautilus, Inc. v. Brosig Instruments, Inc., United States Supreme Court No. 13-369, March 3, 2014

ABA Amicus Brief in  Limelight Networks, Inc. v. Akamai Technologies, Inc. and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States Supreme Court No. 12-786, March 3, 2014


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International Advocacy 

International Advocacy

Comments to the European Union on the 15th Draft of the Rules of Procedure of the Unified Patent Court - September 26, 2013 


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