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Health Law Section Podcasts

Access to Healthcare Task Force Podcast Series | Free to the General Public

Healthcare Reform Legislative Update (12/28/09) | Podcast Audio File

The Access to Healthcare Task Force of the ABA Health Law Section brings to you the second in a series of podcasts on Health Care Reform Legislation. These podcasts are intended as a service to members of the ABA and the general public to aid in understanding the complex issues addressed in the legislation pending before Congress. Andrew J. Demetriou, former Chair of the Health Law Section and currently Chair our Task Force on Access to Healthcare, provides an overview of the current status of the bills in the House of Representatives and the Senate and key provisions in each. Podcasts will provide updates on developments in the legislative process as well as deeper examinations of particular elements of reform legislation. None of the views or comments expressed in this podcast represent the position of the American Bar Association or any Section, Division or Forum thereof, nor do they constitute an expression of any position of my law firm on the issues discussed.

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Produced: December 29, 2009
Audio Program File Format: MP3
Duration: 22 minutes
MP3 File Size: 11 MB

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