ABA Health Law Section Podcast

How to Kick-Off a Successful Health Law Career – Free Podcast

The Health Law Section is excited to announce our new Law Student career podcast, “How to Kick-Off a Successful Health Law Career.” A link to the podcast is available by clicking here.

On our last podcast in April, we provided a big picture of what health law is and discussed some of the practice areas within health law.  In this podcast, we explore how to enter the field of health law and be successful. You’ll hear from a variety of lawyers who will share their insights on entering and succeeding in this exciting area of law, and their own varied paths to doing so.

The panelists will give you practical guidance in what studies to pursue while in law school, ways to use your time in law school to enhance your prospects for a job in health law and help you succeed in obtaining an appropriate position once you graduate from law school.