HLS Presents Free Teleconference, “Medical Marijuana: A Public Health Legal Conundrum?”

HLS Presents Free Teleconference, “Medical Marijuana: A Public Health Legal Conundrum?”

The ABA Health Law Section Public Health and Policy Interest Group hosted a member benefit teleconference, “Medical Marijuana: A Public Health Legal Conundrum?” on Monday, June 27. The program will hosted a panel of experts in the field who addressed this important topic. To download an MP3 recording, please click here. Materials for the program are available by clicking here.

The panel includes:

  • Igor Grant, MD, FRCP(C), Professor and Executive Vice-Chair, Department of Psychiatry University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Director of the University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research;
  • J. Herbie DiFonzo, JD, PhD, MA, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law, Hofstra University School of Law and
  • Diane Hoffmann, Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Director, Law and Health Care Program, and Professor of Law, University of Maryland School of Law.

Dr. Grant explored medical aspects of marijuana as a thera­peutic drug, including its effects, side effects and uses, as well as what more needs to be done to study it and the position of professional organizations.

Dean DiFonzo provided an overview of the cultural and legal history of medical marijuana and the arguments regarding federal authority versus states’ rights to develop law in this area.

Dean Hoffmann reviewed the extant laws in the various states, comparing and contrasting them, considering their approaches to patients, dispensers, and growers. She also discussed the prob­lem of balancing the rights of workers and employers.

This discussion was moderated by Howard H. Kaufman, MD, JD, MPH, FACS, Voluntary Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, U Miami SOM. Mr. Kaufman is also Vice Chair of the Public Health and Policy Interest Group.

If you have any questions, please contact Simeon Carson, Associate Director, at simeon.carson@americanbar.org.