Round Two - Do the right thing and get published!

Round Two - Do the right thing and get published!


In light of current healthcare reform activities and as an ongoing effort to provide the most accurate and timely information possible, we believe it is an appropriate time to review and update the Breast Cancer Legal Advocacy Guide.  To do this, we would like recruit volunteers willing to review specific section(s) of the Guide and suggest edits and craft updates. This project is not limited to task force members and we would welcome the participation of your colleagues.  Please feel free to pass along this request.  Additionally, we are distributing this request to those who volunteered their time on the previous revisions to the Guide in 2009.

Participating in this effort is a great way to get involved in the Task Force without a huge time commitment.  We have broken the Guide up into small subsections, and we will be overseeing the editing of the final product.  What we require now is subject matter experts and/or legal researchers.  You will be recognized for your efforts in the next release of the Guide.

In particular we are currently recruiting to update several sections of the Guide and potentially draft new sections.  To manage expectations and time commitments, we are targeting receipt of a first draft by August 1, 2011 for the updates and September 1, 2011 for the new sections. 

Updates to existing Sections (pages of the current Guide in parenthesis)

  • Benefits Coverage 101 (pages 31-33)
  • Refusal to Pay for Reconstruction (page 65)
  • Denying other kinds of treatment (page 67)
  • FMLA, COBRA and Breast Cancer laws by State (Appendices)

Potential New Sections

  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • End-of-life issues
  • Estate law
  • Building/advocating your case for future life insurance/disability eligibility

You can review the current version of the Guide here.

Please contact Simeon Carson, Associate Director, at by June 31, or as soon as practical if you are interested in participating.  Moreover, if you feel that you are competent to revise portions of a specific section but need assistance with other portions of the section, we may be able to pair you with another editor.

About the Guide

One of the central projects that we undertake as part of the Task Force is the Breast Cancer Legal Advocacy Workshop.  The Task Force conducts workshops across the country to provide all attorneys, regardless of their area of legal expertise, with the resources and training needed to help counsel breast cancer patients on those areas of the law they are most likely to confront as a result of their illness.  Our hope is that attorneys who attend a workshop will sign up for the Cancer Legal Resource Center (“CLRC”) Professional Panel, which refers those in need of advocacy to an attorney who practices in a particular geographic area and who has expertise in the area of their inquiry. 

To assist attorneys in these advocacy efforts, the Task Force developed the Breast Cancer Legal Advocacy Guide.  The Guide also serves as the primary written resource component for the workshops (often, written materials are required in order to qualify for CLE credits).

Thank you in advance for your continued support of the Task Force!