Advertising Products – Any Luck with These?

Advertising Products – Any Luck with These?


A July 2011 discussion on SoloSez, the email listserv for general practice, solo and small firm lawyers

I am trying to find ways to expand my private client base.  I have been doing well with court and public defender appointed cases, but would like to expand my client base.  My office is in a lower-class residential neighborhood.  I was wondering if giving out items such as keychains or pens, with my info on them, would help with client referrals.  The thought being, if my client knows someone who is looking for a lawyer, he or she may have my keychain or pen on them with my information.  My clients don't tend to be very tech savvy, and the often change residences and phone numbers. Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I give out pens.  Pretty much anyone who comes into the office gets a pen with my name, address, phone number and "attorney" on it.  I don't know that it takes the place of more general advertising but clients like them and face it, it's got my name, etc. on it.  Business cards can be lost or thrown away; pens get put in drawers even after they stop working.

Ronald Jones, Florida

I've seen magnets, pens, mugs, etc.

In my office, my boss advertises at the local bowling lane on the score table and in the Town Planner calender.  We also do brochures on subjects that clients can pick up, we can mail out, with firm info on them.

Since we do a lot of cross sharing clients, we may send SSA disability information to our WC/PI clients or bankruptcy to our divorce clients etc..

Erin Schmidt

You can't beat having someone carrying your phone number with you 24 hours.  For criminal defense lawyers,  a key chain with a light was a big hit with our clients.  It even had a bottle opener. Then again, giving a bottle opener to DUI clients might be a little much. : ) Adrian
On a side note, I did a post on our blog regarding marketing mishaps.  They include condoms with your business information (for divorce lawyers).

Adrian Mark Baron, Connecticut

I'm taking a virtual tour of my house and office to see what kinds of moto and promo gear I keep.  Not sorted by price, size, or half-life:

I keep and use:
pens Ron kept if they still work
whiteboard markers - fine tip
note pads
sticky note pads
Dopp kit-size sewing kits (purse, glove box, luggage, briefcase)
toothpick dispensers (same places)
little tins of mints (same places)
keychain-size flashlights (quality usually not worth new battery cost)
magnetic paper clippy things
leatherish tablet folio thingies

I might keep because they're PG (Perfectly Good) but not useful to me or not use because, face it, how many can I use at one time, but I'll keep as a replacement for the existing one:

key chains
letter openers
monitor dusters
ubiquitous canvas-like totes
business card wallet things


Carolyn J. Stevens, Montana

One I forgot,

we have a court reporter service that hands out gum packets with their information on them.

Erin Schmidt

Adding to the inventory:
Promo items i still have in my office or home: flash drive, tote bag, coffee mug, pen, pen with post-it dispenser, thingy that sits on your monitor to hold notes..
Promo items that are often thrown away but might survive depending on my mood: refrigerator magnet business cards Promo items I give away: hats, shirts, umbrellas, "fleece" blanket, key chains, golf balls,
Promo items i throw away: calendars, calendar magnets, pocket calendars.

The promo item that I had the most fun with was when I had a series of dog-related businesses, and I handed out my business card tied to a Milkbone.  It amused me, but not the most effective campaign ... how many of my business cards got eaten before the owner ever saw them?

Ashley Dobbs, Virginia

We have a large Polish client base that includes die hard soccer fans.  One year I actually gave out red and white hackey sacks.  Pens and keychains seem to work the best for our firm.  Anything that your client will keep with them with your number.  :)

Adrian Mark Baron

I checked out your website to see what areas you practice in.  I really like the site BTW.  There are a few crim attorneys around here that leave cards @ liquor stores with a Bronco's or Rockie's schedule printed on the back.  I always thought that was clever.

Jake C. Eisenstein, Colorado

If only I could get enough of them, I might give away Clarence Thomas bobblehead dolls.

James S. Tyre, California

You know what you should do? You should ask a few clients which items would they keep the longest. Your clients will get a kick out of giving their opinions and helping you out.  Fwiw, I toss keychains because I have too many. But on the other hand, I am not your ideal client. Also look into text messaging your contact info to your clients and prospects. This way your info will be saved on their phone. Have fun.

Sharmil McKee, Pennsylvania

I have beer huggies with our logo on one side and "My Rights" on the other. (Apparently, I should have told my clients to take the beer out before they start reading the cop "My Rights".)
People love 'em and always ask for an extra one: "Can I have one for my step-uncle Merle? He really needs it. Oh, and Mama collects huggies and koozies, if you can spare one more."

Now, I don't know if people drink beer where you practice but you get the idea...

Jimmy McMullan, Alabama