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In this monthly e-newsletter, GPSolo keeps you up to date on Division activities and other items pertinent to general practice, solo and small firm lawyers. Non-members can also subscribe to these informative e-updates.


Law Trends & News

As a general practitioner, you need to keep up to date on the latest developments in every aspect of the law. As a solo or small firm attorney, you may not have the range of diverse legal specialties in-house that the big law firms do. That’s where the Law Trends & News practice area e-newsletter comes in. This informative quarterly e-publication gives you the latest articles in business law, litigation, estate planning, real estate, family law and more, as picked from a wide range of respected legal publications by experts of each practice area.

Solo Newsletter

SOLO is our handy, quick-read e-Newsletter sent quarterly to all Division members. In it you’ll find practical tips and answers to help you run your practice.

Technology eReport

Maybe you crave the newest technology, or maybe the word “technology” sends you screaming from the room… Either way, the many tips, how-to’s and reviews in this e-newsletter will meet all of your tech-based needs.