Section of Family Law Staff

We are unable to respond to questions of a legal nature. Matters dealing with marriage, divorce, separation, domestic violence, child abduction, child custody & visitation, child support, adoption, trusts, wills, estates, property, etc. are under the jurisdiction of state and local courts. The American Bar Association Section of Family Law is a national association for marital and family law attorneys. We are not qualified to provide legal advice.

If you need to consult with a lawyer and are unable to locate one through your personal contacts, you may want to contact a local lawyer referral service. You may find a lawyer referral service via your telephone directory, or by visiting (a service of the ABA), or by calling the ABA Service Center at 1-800-285-2221.

Staff Contact/Title
Carrie Darrah
Office Administrator, Meetings and Committees
  • CLE programming
  • General phone inquiries
  • Meeting planning and execution
  • Meeting registrations
  • Member reimbursements
  • Payment of invoices
  • Schwab Essay Contest
  • Teleconferences

Hilary Glazer
Marketing and Communications Manager
  • List serves (discussion lists)
  • Marketing
  • Media inquiries (or contact Media Relations liaison Maria Gutierrez, 202.662.1091)
  • Membership
  • Publications: Case Update; eNewsletter; Family Advocate; Family Law Quarterly
  • Website

Alissa Norris
Programs and Committees Manager
  • CLE programming and teleconferences
  • Committee appointments
  • Meeting planning and off-site events
  • Sponsorship & fundraising
  • Trial Advocacy Institute

Cindy Swan
  • Budget oversight
  • Governance
      > Council or Officers' agenda items
      > Recommendations to the ABA House of Delegates
      > Requests for program co-sponsorship with other ABA entities or outside entities
      > Section Officers Conference (SOC)
      > Bylaws
      > Financial policy

  • Staff supervision