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Council is comprised of the Officers and the following members; term expiration dates are in parentheses:

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Past Chairs

Italics indicate deceased.

1958-59Godfrey L. Munter
1959-60Clarence Kolwyck
1960-61Sol Morton Isaac
1961-62Carl F. Ingraham
1962-63Stanton L. Ehrlich
1963-64Howard C. Bregel
1964-65Morris N. Hartman
1965-66Roger A. Pfaff
1966-67Robert F. Drinan
1967-68Jacob T. Zukerman
1968-69Harry M. Fain
1969-70Neva B. Talley
1970-71Felix Infausto
1971-72Jacob L. Isaacs
1972-73Ralph J. Podell
1973-74Arnold J. Gibbs
1974-75Harry X. Cole
1975-76Louise B. Raggio
1976-77Henry H. Foster, Jr.
1977-78Lawrence H. Stotter
1978-79Leonard L. Loeb
1979-80Thomas D. Cochran
1980-81Sanford N. Katz
1981-82Stanford E. Lerch
1982-83Samuel V. Schoonmaker
1983-84James P. O'Flarity
1984-85Michael J. Albano
1985-86Donald C. Schiller
1986-87Beverly Anne Groner
1987-88Harvey L. Golden
1988-89Richard J. Podell
1989-90Michael E. Barber
1990-91Gary N. Skoloff
1991-92Kenneth G. Raggio
1992-93Marshall J. Wolf
1993-94James J. Podell
1994-95Lynne Z. Gold-Bikin
1995-96Timothy B. Walker
1996-97Ira H. Lurvey
1997-98Bruce A. Kaufman
1998-99Maurice Jay Kutner
1999-00Sandra Morgan Little
2000-01Linda D. Elrod
2001-02Sharon L. Corbitt
2002-03Joel D. Tenenbaum
2003-04Phyllis G. Bossin
2004-05Peggy L. Podell
2005-06Hon. Howard I. Lipsey
2006-07James B. Preston
2007-08Gregg M. Herman
2008-09Anita M. Ventrelli
2009-10Mitchell K. Karpf
2010-11Hon. Debra H. Lehrmann
2011-12Randall M. Kessler
2012-13Maryann E. Foley
2013-14Scott Friedman
2014-15Lori W. Nelson

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ABA Ctr on Children & the Law
ABA Cmsn on Youth at Risk

Ann Haralambie
ABA Ctr for Human Rights

Llew Pritchard
ABA Cmsn on Domestic and Sexual Violence

Allen Bailey
ABA Commission on ImmigrationDiana Metcalf
ABA Cmsn on Immigration

Llew Pritchard
ABA Cmsn on Law & Aging

Paula Kirby
ABA Cmsn on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession

Brandes S. G.Ash
ABA Cmsn on Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI)

Ben Aguilar
ABA Commission on WomenJacqueline Valdespino
ABA Coordinating Cmte on Veterans' Benefits

Henry DeWoskin

Lyndsey Olson

ABA Division of Government and Public Sector LawyersVacant
ABA Health Law Coordinating CommitteeDiana Metcalf
ABA Journal

Kathleen Hogan
ABA Law Practice Management Section

Jennifer A. Brandt
ABA Section of Dispute ResolutionFrances Ross Nolan
ABA Section of International Law

Annie Jacobs
ABA Senior Lawyers Division

Llew Pritchard
ABA CPR/SOC Professional Responsibility CommitteeEdward Newman
ABA Standing Cmte on Professionalism

Edward Newman
ABA Standing Cmte on the Delivery of Legal Services

ABA Working Group on Bioethics & the Law

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

Tracy Coenen
American Psychological Association


Association of Family & Conciliation Courts (AFCC)

Chaim Steinberger
Canadian Bar Association Family Law Section

Grant Gold
ABA Rule of Law Initiative

Samuel Schoonmaker IV
Legal Assistance to Military Personnel (LAMP)

Mark Sullivan

Uniform Law Commission Family Law Joint Editorial Board


Melissa Kucinski
Sam Schoonmaker, IV
American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML)

Mitchell Karpf

National Coalition on Oversight of Assisted Reproductive Technology (NCOART)

Richard Vaughn
ABA Special Cmte on Disaster Response and Preparedness
Noel Tucker

ABA Young Lawyers Division


Brian Karpf
ABA Standing Cmte on Gun Violence

Christina Angell

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