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About The Special Committee on Young Lawyers 

The Special Committe on Young Lawyers Task Force is one of the Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources’ (SEER) cross practice committees. Young lawyers are encouraged to use the Committee as a place to meet other Section members, as an opportunity to become more involved in the Section, and as a way to learn about opportunities within the Section and within environmental, energy and natural resources law.

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Career Development

Conference Call: Making Rain: How to Bring Your Next Environmental Case into the Door and Keep them Coming

You are learning the law, but are you learning how to attract and retain clients? Listen to this dialogue between an attorney in private practice (Clay Massey) and seasoned in-house counsel (Peter Wright). Some of the questions we will answer include: What can a young lawyer do to raise her profile in the field? How should outside counsel make “the ask” for business? What are some do’s and don’ts of client relationship management?

Whether you are a young lawyer, law student, or experienced professional, this conversation will provide important insights on how to begin, develop, and sustain client relationships.

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Conference Call: So You’ve Landed Your Dream Job, What’s Next? What to Expect During Your First Few Years of Environmental Practice

Listen to speakers, Jessica Scott and Andrea Warren, to get an insight on what to expect during the first few years of practice. Learn what it will take to manage your time effectively, gain credibility with your colleagues and position yourself for long-term success.

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Conference Call: How To Wait For Your Bar Results Without Really Trying:
A quick teleconference on coping and keeping yourself busy while a faceless few determine your future.

Hear from speakers Paul Sullivan and Tamar Cerafici as they discuss their experiences while waiting for their bar exam results.

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Conference Call: From the Ground Up - Or Six Feet Under?  What You'll Need to Know About Starting an Environmental Law Practice

Listen to speakers, Natara Feller and Cari Rincker, to gather tips and ideas on how to develop a niche practice area, market on a limited budget, and manage your time effectively in order to run efficiently.

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Environmental Career Paths for Young Lawyers and Law Students

Careers in Environmental, Energy, and Resources Law
In this free podcast, four lawyers with varied backgrounds in the fields of environmental, energy and natural resources law provided practical guidance on various career options, advice for achieving certain career goals, and overviews of their day-to-day practices.

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2013-2014 Membership Diversity Enhancement Program

The Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources offers a Membership Diversity Enhancement Program (MDEP) designed for lawyers who have been under-represented in our Section membership. The Program’s principal goal is to have its programs, publications, and other activities reflect the diverse perspectives and interests of all lawyers who practice in the environment, energy, and resources areas.  Visit for more.

Speed Networking at Conferences

You’ve probably heard of “Speed Dating,” but what about “Speed Networking?” Young lawyers and law student attendees meet one-on-one with several seasoned environmental, energy, and resources law practitioners over the course of an hour. This is the place to network and seek general advice from your colleagues and potential mentors and to discuss Section activities and initiatives that may be of interest. Everyone is welcome to these events at our conferences. To participate in this event as a “guide,” law student, or young lawyer, please indicate your interest when registering. If you have any questions, please contact Romeo Talento at


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