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Justice Michael B Hyman, Chair
1st District Illinois Appellate Court 
100 N. LaSalle St.
Chicago, IL 60601

Leigh-Ann Buchanan
Miami, FL


Patricia Char

Seattle, WA


Kelly-Ann Clarke
Galveston, TX


Patty Ferguson-Bohnee

Tempe, AZ


Kimberly Greeley
Honolulu, HI


Sumbal Mahmud
San Diego, CA


Sarah Redfield
York, ME

Hon. Ramon E. Reyes, Jr.
Brooklyn, NY


Board Liaison
Joseph B. Bluemel
Kemmerer, WY


Diversity Center Liaison
Rhonda Hunter
Dallas, TX


Special Advisor
Dr. Gregory S. Prince, Jr.
Norwich, VT



Rachel Patrick
COREJ Director
Direct: (312) 988-5408


Sharris Davis
Interim Program Assistant
Direct: (312) 988-5409


Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice

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Coalition on Racial & Ethnic Justice
Coalition on Racial & Ethnic Justice
Coalition on Racial & Ethnic Justice


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  • School-to-Prison Pipeline

The “School-to-Prison Pipeline” has been a matter of concern for a number of years. Recently, it has become a major concern of the general public across our country due in large part to the spiraling statistics and the negative impact on children of color. Town hall forums will bring together the experts who have developed programs and projects; advocates from diverse backgrounds who are working toward solutions to this devastating issue as well as those who have a plan of action to recommend to those who are concerned. These town hall forums will be open to parents, youth, lawyers, judges, educators, administrators, advocates, and the public.