About the Diversity Commission



Reginald M. Turner, Jr.


The ABA Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity (Diversity Commission) is a catalyst for enhancing opportunities for racially and ethnically diverse lawyers to excel throughout the legal profession, and in the ABA. 

The Commission works toward its mission and goals with a broad array of collaborative organizations to pursue the following goals in accordance with its strategic plan:

1. Take concrete actions to promote the recruitment, hiring and advancement of diverse lawyers and diverse law students and graduates;

2. Take specific actions to increase opportunities for diverse lawyers to serve as federal and state judges and encourage federal and state judges to increase their efforts to identify and hire diverse law clerks;

3. Maintain cooperative working relationships with national, state and local traditional and diverse bar associations to provide joint programs designed to provide increased and equal professional opportunities to diverse lawyers;

4. Work to ensure equal membership and employment opportunities for diverse lawyers and law students in the American Bar Association, and full and equal opportunities for participation in the Association's governance and programs;

5. To recognize and celebrate the contributions of diverse lawyers to our cause, to our profession and to the public; and

6. To facilitate interaction between diverse lawyers across the nation through meaningful networking and communication.



Benny Agosto, Jr.
Houston, TX

Karina Ayala-Bermejo
Chicago, IL

William R. Bay
St. Louis, MO

Natacha Carbajal
New York, NY

Laura DeSio
Tyndall AFB, FL

Lael R. Echo-Hawk
Washington, DC

F. John Garza
Dallas, TX

Renie Yoshida Grohl
Warren, OH

Harry S. Johnson
Baltimore, MD

Sonya Johnston
Redmond, WA

Hon. William D. Missouri
Upper Marlboro, MD

Dalhi N. Myers
Columbia, SC

Phong D. Nguyen
Washington, DC

Patricia Rosier
Upper Marlboro, MD

Guy Rounsaville, Jr.
Hillsborough, CA

Mark I. Schickman
San Francisco, CA

Special Advisor

Jo Ann Engelhardt
Palm Beach, FL





Cie Armstead, Diversity Center Director &
Diversity Commission Interim Director
Direct: (312) 988-6086
Email: Cie.Armstead@americanbar.org


Nicole Padilla
Program Assistant
Direct: (312) 988-5643
Email: Nicole.Rivera@americanbar.org