2014-2015 CHAIR

About Us


The American Bar Association on Commission and Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession is a catalyst to change the legal profession to reflect the society it serves.

The Commission helps racially and ethnicity diverse lawyers advance their careers and standing in the profession; uses leadership, programs, and information to help the profession understand and eliminate racism, bigotry, and discrimination; and works to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the legal profession and enrich the profession through diversity.


The Commission’s mission is to address the lack of racial and ethnic diversity in the legal profession by increasing diversity in all areas of the legal profession.

The Commission’s goals and objectives are to:

1)    Assist minorities in attaining a legal education and administration to the bar;

2)    Develop career and employment opportunities or minorities;

3)    Promote the appointment for minorities to the judiciary and judicial clerkships;

4)    Encourage the hiring of minority lawyers by law firms, corporations, government agencies and departments, and other businesses;

5)    Increase minority involvement in bar associations at the nation, state, and local levels and in minority and specialty bar associations;

6)    Facilitate interaction between the ABA and minority bar organizations and other groups around the country;

7)    Develop long-term plans and strategies to assist minority lawyers in attaining full and equal participation within the legal profession;

8)    Monitor the progress of minority lawyers as a whole toward full and equal participation in the legal profession;

9)    Advocate for the use of the services of minority lawyers by prospective and current clients, particularly in fields and areas of the law where few minorities practice;

10) Educate the legal profession about the importance of racial diversity within the law; and,

11) Recognize and celebrate the advances made by minority lawyers.