ABA Center for Racial & Ethnic Diversity Books

We are pleased to offer a selection of titles that address the issue of racial and ethnic diversity in the legal profession. These are all written by experts in the field. Our books contain real-world, user-friendly advice and proven strategies to optimize an increasingly global legal profession.

Diversity in Action: A Manual for Diversity Professionals in Law **NEW**

By Theresa D. Cropper and Anna L. Brown

Diversity in Action: A Manual for Diversity Professionals in Law is designed as a resource and educational tool for those performing diversity roles in law firms and corporate legal departments. It is a step by step guide to developing, implementing, and managing the functions of diversity and inclusion in an institutional setting. With this manual, you will be able to evaluate and effectively support the way your organization approaches diversity and inclusion initiatives.


One Size Never Fits All: Business Development Strategies Tailored for Women (and Most Men) **NEW**

By Arin N. Reeves

Women are achieving equality in professional service firms by many metrics but continue to trail their male counterparts at the top leadership positions.  Dr. Reeves discovered that women often are more successful in the early stages of business development (networking, establishing relationships), but are blocked in many ways from closing the sales and reaping the benefits.  Reeves explains why most women (and also most men) fall prey to this flaw in the traditional business development approach and then offers a series of alternative approaches that both firms and individual professional women can adopt and institute.


The Lawyer as Leader: How to Plant People and Grow

By Dr. Artika R. Tyner

The Lawyer as Leader is an inspiring roadmap designed to help lawyers become effective agents for social change. The book shows how attorneys can use their legal skills to work for social change, contribute to communities that foster social justice, and empower and develop new leaders. The Lawyer as Leader is a beacon call for lawyers who wish to harness their skills and training as leaders in the struggle for social and economic justice.


Exclusion: Strategies for Improving Diversity in Recruitment, Retention and Promotion

By Natalie Holder-Winfield

Through interviews with professionals, the reader will experience examples of the micro-inequities that have created cultures of exclusion for many professionals based on a characteristic that made him or her an outsider: age, race, gender, accent, ethnicity, disability, socio-economic background / class. Behind these honest testimonials are the reasons behind organizational attrition, and these are the barriers that stand in the way of your employees feeling self-actualized and engaged.


Reinventing the Practice of Law: Emerging Models to Enhance Affordable Legal Services

Edited by Luz Herrera

We all want to make things better. We want to improve our law practices. We want to improve the legal profession. We want to improve our communities. Reinventing the Practice of Law explores ways in which lawyers can change their practices to make things better - for themselves, their clients and their neighborhoods. The book encourages lawyers to step out of the mold and consider how they can create better practices when providing personal legal services.


What if I Say the Wrong Thing? 25 Habits for Culturally Effective People

By Vernã A. Myers

The book is a perfect handbook for anyone who is looking to develop the habits of culturally effective people. In this handy reference, you'll find answers to questions about all types of diversity issues and tips about how to practice culturally effective habits. And with the variety of suggested follow-ups and actions contained within it, you will better know how to handle your own situations. Many of these situations occur without us being "properly prepared" for them; reading these habits is like doing drills so you’ll be ready! | Regular & eBook

Promoting the Rule of Law: A Practitioner's Guide to Key Issues and Developments

Edited by Lelia Mooney

The mandate entrusted by the international community to the rule of law is extraordinarily wide and keeps growing. Trafficking in persons, devastating wars, organized crime, wars and conflict, poverty and hunger, are among some of those growing forces that challenge the rule of law and democratic governance of societies.  This book explores many facets of this mandate, offering an introduction to the subject for those contemplating a career move and food for thought to seasoned practitioners of the art of promoting the rule of law.

The Next I.Q. : The Next Level of Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders

By Arin N. Reeves

This ground-breaking new book will introduce you to new ways of thinking about leadership and inclusion in the workplace through an integrated exploration of research studies, stories, learning experiences and tested solutions. In it, you'll discover how to make individual and collective intelligence more intelligent by changing the way you, and your organization, thinks.

Moving Diversity Forward: How to Go from Well-Meaning to Well-Doing

By Vernã A. Myers

Moving Diversity Forward is an instructive read for all of those who wish to live and work in a multi-cultural world where everyone has a fair chance to succeed and contribute.  Moving Diversity Forward takes head on underlying challenges to successful diversity and inclusion efforts that often are left unspoken.

What It Takes: How Women of Color Can Thrive Within the Practice of Law

By Monica R. Parker

You're a woman of color who wants to succeed in the practice of law. Now, with a little dedication and the valuable advice found in this important book, you can achieve it. Monica Parker, an African American lawyer, Harvard graduate and renowned career coach, writes about the specific issues facing female attorneys of color, providing solid advice on finding career satisfaction and success.

Tribal Contracting: Understanding and Drafting Business Contracts with American Indian Tribes

By M. Brent Leonhard

This book provides a general background that every practitioner should be aware of when either engaging in business transactions with tribes or providing representation to tribes when they contract with outside entities. It covers various areas of federal Indian law that have a significant impact on these relationships, and chapters written to give a practitioner an understanding of basic principles of tribal economies, contract drafting, and federal contract law. Also included are several sample contracts designed for tribes, including a professional services contract, a general consulting contract, and a master agreement.


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