Join The Judicial Clerkship Program

Join The Judicial Clerkship Program

Benefits of JCP

  1. For recent law school graduates, serving as a judicial law clerk is a mark of distinction and honor that advances their additional career opportunities throughout the legal profession. Former law clerks generally have an advantage when pursuing careers in academia, in government as high level appointees, as litigators in prestigious areas of the private sector, and in securing appointments to the bench.
  2. Law schools with a high percentage of graduates who secure coveted clerkships also benefit. Involvement in the Program can assist law schools in their student recruitment efforts and fundraising programs.

How can you or your organization help support JCP

  1. An organization can support the program by underwriting food functions or administrative expenses, providing promotional materials or equipment, and more. If you would like to participate, contact  Sharon Tindall at (312) 988-5642.

How do I get involved if I am a student?

  1. Contact the Dean of your school and let him or her know about the Judicial Clerkship Program.
  2. Your Dean will then contact  Sharon Tindall at (312) 988-5642.

How do I get involved if I represent a law school?

Each participating law school pays an annual fee and is asked to commit to a minimum of three years. The law school's participation fee covers food, materials, and other program costs.

  1. Each school will send four to six students to the program. Schools will also receive the option for additional students to attend at a per capita registration fee.
  2. For each year of membership in the program, each school will commit to send (and underwrite the costs for) those law students who have a demonstrated knowledge of and involvement with racial and ethnic minority communities.
  3. Each school will determine its own method for selection of participating students. We suggest consideration of students who may not be likely candidates for clerkships or may not even be considering clerkships. Each participating school should strive to select a racially and ethnically diverse group of students to participate.
  4. JCP 2011 - Law School Participation Form . For more information, contact  Sharon Tindall at (312) 988-5642.

How do I participate if I'm a judge?

  1. Please contact Nicole Martinez in the ABA Judicial Division at (312) 988-5705.