Presidential Diversity Commission Distance Learning Program Series

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Removing Bias from Attorney Evaluations
Originally produced Friday, October 16, 2009
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Improving the evaluation process will help ensure that all associates are provided fair opportunities for advancement-- including to partnership-- if that is their goal. This lively panel discussion focuses on how fair evaluations help ensure opportunities for associates to work on complex matters for important clients as well as for a variety of partners, to improve their skills, to increase their referral base, and to achieve a high level of satisfaction with law practice that is sometimes missing among diverse lawyers. While this program is designed for law firm managers and senior level attorneys, associates will also benefit from the ideas of the panel, including discussion of helpful techniques for self-evaluation.

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Smart Soloing: Success Strategies for Diverse Lawyers
Originally produced
Friday, February 5, 2010
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Over 60 percent of lawyers in the United States today work in solo or small firms practice settings of 1-5 attorneys. In the current employment environment, even more lawyers are turning to solo/small firm practice. This live webcast program is designed to help the recent solo/small firm lawyer build the skills and have the confidence needed to operate a successful law practice. Topics will include: how to run an office -- including handling billing and technology in ways that will make your work easier and more efficient, how to market yourself and your practice effectively, how to obtain good guidance and mentoring, and how to identify and solve ethical dilemmas and avoid situations that could lead to disciplinary action.

The program will also candidly address some of the barriers, as well as the opportunities, faced particularly by diverse lawyers. Strategies and resource information will be shared to help you capitalize on opportunities and develop a support network that will assist you in making your practice successful.

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About the Commission's Distance Learning Program Series

The ABA Presidential Diversity Commission is presenting a series of distance learning CLE programs to help diverse lawyers advance their legal careers. The programs address diversity from the perspectives of race, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity.

To facilitate networking opportunities, state, local and specialty bar associations, law firms and corporate legal departments are being invited to host "viewing groups" for the live webcasts. Viewing group hosts are encouraged to invite a local speaker to address the group on the program topic or a related topic following the webcast.