Pipeline Diversity Conference

Pipeline Diversity Conference

 The ABA Presidential Advisory Council on Diversity in the Profession and the Law School Admission Council continue to build upon their successful collaborative conference: “ Embracing the Opportunities for Increasing Diversity into the Legal Profession: Collaborating to Expand the Pipeline (Let’s Get Real),” held November 2005. The Final Conference report is available.

ABA/LSAC National Pipeline Diversity Conference, held November 2005 in Houston, TX

Conference Goals

* To disseminate information and provide a snapshot of where the legal academy and legal profession stands in regard to pipeline diversity.

* To provide a forum for individuals and groups with an interest in expanding racial and ethnic diversity in the pipeline to share information and develop strategies.

* To encourage and motivate conference attendees from pertinent stakeholder groups-K-20 educators, legal educators, law firms, corporations, bar associations-to commit to a specific, practical post-conference "next step."

* To produce a post-conference report and/ or call to action that will be distributed to attendees and other interested parties, as well as posted on the conference Website.

* To produce an online diversity directory-a comprehensive collection of programs and initiatives from across the country that enhance diversity in the pipeline to the legal profession.

* To collect data and samples for a Pipeline Projects Tool Book, which will serve as templates for reproducing selected programs.

* To develop a follow-up plan that monitors and reports on the conference-related goals achieved in 1, 3, 5 years.