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Welcome to the ABA LOS Alumni Page

In 1999, William G. Paul, then-President of the American Bar Association (ABA) initiated the Legal Opportunity Scholarship (LOS).  With over 160 scholars across the country and a few overseas, we are proud to launch this new initiative, the ABA LOS Alumni Page.  This page is designed to connect you to fellow scholars; to provide a forum to share your accomplishments; to identify resources within the ABA to help develop your career; and to connect you to over 400,000 members of the legal profession.

Welcome to the ABA LOS Alumni Page

“One of the reasons why the Legal Opportunity Scholarship is such a remarkable program is because it does something that very few other scholarship programs in the nation do – it takes into account life experiences and obstacles overcome when selecting its recipients.”
– Vinay Hardit (2005 Scholarship Recipient)

“The Legal Opportunity Scholarship is a giant step forward in supporting diverse students who have the potential but not the resources to become great leaders and professionals in the legal community.”
– U. Pamela Rivas (2004 Scholarship Recipient)

“The world was small for me back then with little opportunity.   Now the world is large and full of light.   With the help of the ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship I see possibilities all around me, and I try to grab as many as I can.”
– Ryan Townsend Rash (2008 Scholarship Recipient)

Where Has The LOS Taken You?

Where are you now? 

What have you been professionally involved in since finishing law school?  How did the LOS impact you and your studies?  Let the ABA LOS Fund know where you are by contacting

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