ABA Mediator Evaluation Program


You have been selected to participate in the ABA Mediator Evaluation Pilot Program to help gauge the efficiency, effectiveness and feasibilty of the evaluation process.  We appreciate your participation and thank you.

This mediator evaluation program was developed by a sub-committee of the ABA’s Section of Dispute Resolution Mediation Committee. The purpose of the program is to provide feedback to mediators from people who have used their mediation services.  The feedback is intended to assist the mediator in improving his or her skills and assist in identifying training needs as well as improving confidence in the mediation process by providing participants with a confidential process for evaluating mediator performance.  The program may also assist the Section in developing future training programs and increase confidence in the use of mediation services.  The information is solely for the mediator and will not to be available to anyone else.

At the end of the survey participants will directed to an additional form. The ABA also some additional information for statistical purposes only and on an anonymous basis.

Any participant in a mediation with a program member mediator who does not circulate the Evaluation Form is urged to notify the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution at matthew.conger@americanbar.org.

The Section is not responsible for any completed evaluations and does not endorse any particular mediator or mediation service.

For more information about the program, Contact:

Matthew Conger                                             
Staff Attorney
ABA Section of Dispute Resolution
(202) 662-1689