ADR in the Electronic Age

While some organizations such as eBay and PayPal offer on-line “mediation,” these are more of an auction format with offers and counter offers being communicated until compromise is reached.  Telephone mediation has been presented to the ABA, but the Internet provides much more. Modern technology such as video conferencing, Internet chat, and others allows neutrals to hold arbitration hearings and conduct mediations involving complex issues with multiple parties who are geographically distant that can closely simulate a process with every one present.

Ana Gonçalves, See 1 & 2 for Portuguese & US addresses, see above, Portugal or USA
Jessica Carter, Senior Advisor Mediation Practice | Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Aukland, NA, New Zealand


How Collaborative Technology Can Improve Your Mediation Practice

Bring your tablet, smartphone and laptop for a fun and interactive session! You need not be a technology expert to use online tools that improve process and outcome.  During this fast-paced session, leaders in the field demonstrate the most useful software and services from the standpoint of a practitioner rather than a geek.  You will be better able to understand, access, and utilize the right choices for your particular needs.  Come learn which user-friendly technologies can effectively minimize cost and maximize effectiveness of your dispute resolution process. Presenters will offer clear next steps and resources that you can really use.

Miriam Nisbet National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD
Michael Wolf, Federal Labor Relations Authority, Washington, DC
Lu-Ann Glaser, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, Washington, DC
Edward Bantle, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, Pittsburgh, PA