Practice Development and Management

Emerging Trends in Conflict Management:  Business Building In the New Normal

We are living in a "new normal." Removed from the heavy industry of the past, the new normal operates in a complex technological/information/service-based economy that encompasses factors such as a) easy access to information and automation, b) diminished access to credit, c) a restructured real estate market, d) an aging population, and e) unemployment and a widespread sense of insecurity in the workforce. The new normal has created new conflicts, redefined old ones, and necessitated updating our conflict management strategies. In this interactive workshop mediation trainers Elinor Robin and Susan Dubow will explore emerging trends in the field of mediation and conflict management and facilitate a solution-focused dialogue designed to promote the participants' innovation, influence, and success in the new normal.

Elinor Robin, Mediation Training Group, Boca Raton, FL
Susan Dubow, Mediation Training Group, Boca Raton, FL


Reading the Tea Leaves: The Next Legal Revolution Has Begun

Our once-lauded legal system no longer serves lawyers or clients well. Overpriced, punitive, and zero-sum by nature, it leaves lawyers unemployed, clients unrepresented and disputes unresolved. Now, lawyers are invoking diverse problem solving strategies to create new systems that return conflicts to the parties and the community, humanize dispute resolution, and facilitate deeper, more durable outcomes.  The three presenters will each explore one question:  (1) WHY revolution, why now? Connecting the dots between brain science, positive psychology, conflict resolution, and healthy communities. (2) WHAT this revolution looks like: systemic changes already taking shape across the U.S and the World.  (3) HOW this revolution is growing: self-organizing local systems replacing centralized punishment with restorative, community-building resolution.

Pauline Tesler, Integrative Law Institute, Mill Valley, CA
Sylvia Clute, Unitive Justice, Richmond, VA
J Kim Wright, Cutting Edge Law, Taos, NM


Best Practices for Online Marketing Your ADR Practice

Building relationships is vital to developing your ADR practice. Although nothing is more important than meeting face-to-face to build relationships, this is becoming increasingly more difficult because of time and budget constraints. In this program the panel will discuss brand building, the importance of a consistent message and ways to integrate with online marketing programs. The program will also discuss the online avenues to help you build new relationships, and reinforce current ones, while measuring each interaction. The panel will look at LinkedIn, Twitter, personal websites and other places ADR practitioners must be visible in today’s marketplace. The panel will respond to the individual needs of the audience during the Q and A.

Michael Clark, American Arbitration Association, New York, NY
Steven Defontes, Big Idea Advertising, New York, NY


The Present and Future of ADR

This moderated panel will discuss developments and trends in domestic and international ADR. Leaders in dispute resolution including the American Arbitration Association and JAMS will discuss the topics and themes around what is happening today in dispute resolution. Topics will cover the growth of ADR, the challenges faced working with multicultural disputants, and how dispute resolvers can prepare themselves for the challenges ahead in developing an ADR practice whether you are an ADR advocate, dispute resolver, educator, or in house professional. 

Deborah Masucci, Chartis, New York, NY

India Johnson, American Arbitration Association, New York, NY

Chris Poole, JAMS, Irvine, CA


Women in Dispute Resolution -- Theory and Practice

This session will report on the results of a practice snapshot survey sent to all Section members.  The session will discuss possible actions the Section of Dispute Resolution, other organizations, and the field can take to ensure women have opportunities to serve as arbitrators, mediators, and neutrals.

Ruth Glick, Burlingame, CA
Myra Selby, Ice Miller LLP, Indianapolis, IN
Elizabeth B. Herrington, McDermott Will & Emery LLP, Chicago, IL