Lawyer as Problem Solver Award

John W. Cooley Lawyer as Problem Solver Award

The John W. Cooley Lawyer as Problem Solver Award recognizes individuals and organizations that use their problem-solving skills to forge creative solutions. The award is given to an individual member of the legal profession and/or institution who has exhibited extraordinary skill in either promoting the concept of the lawyer as problem-solver or resolving individual, institutional, community, state, national, or international problems. Award recipients will be acknowledged for their use or promotion of collaboration, negotiation, mediation, counseling, decision-making, and problem-solving skills to help parties resolve a problem in a creative and novel way.

The lawyer as problem solver, in both orientation and skills, demonstrates:

  • the ability to analyze situations or to consider expert analysis from a multi disciplinary perspective, taking into account the broad array of client or party interests and the multitude of factors and circumstances that impact the "problem" presented;
  • the ability to translate positions into interests;
  • the ability to generate and assess--and to help the client or parties involved generate and assess-- both conventional and novel options to address the problem; and
  • the ability to build consensus around an option which best addresses the goals and interests of a client or the involved participants.

The deadline for nominations is October 29, 2016.

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Individual Award: Pauline Tesler
Individual Award: Stuart Webb
Institution Award: Passaic County Legal Aid Society

Individual Award: Charles Asher
Institution Award: United States Air Force


Individual Award: Forrest S. Mosten
Institution Award: The Dispute Resolution Center of Harris County, Texas


Individual Award: Carl Poirot
Institution Award: San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program


Individual Award: David W. Plant
Institution Award: The Red Hook Community Justice Center


Individual Award: David Sandborg
Institution Award: The Innocence Project

Individual Award: Tina Rasnow
Institution Award: Brooklyn, New York, District Attorney’s Office

Individual Award: Basil Paterson
Institution Award: Boston Law Collaborative


Individual Award: Bennet Picker
Individual Award: Andrew Schepard
Institution Award:

College of Commercial Arbitrators

Kenneth R. Feinberg
Harry Tindall

U.S. Department of Justice, Community Relations Service

Individual Award: Ron Ousky
Institution Award: Resource Center for Separating and Divorcing Families (RCSDF)

Individual Award: Judith Kaye
Institution Award: The Justice Center of Atlanta