Law Student National Representation in Mediation Competition

2016 American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution Representation in Mediation Competition registration in NOW OPEN!

The 17th Annual Representation in Mediation Regional Competitions will be scheduled for February and March of 2016. The Finals will be held in conjunction with the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Spring Conference in April, 2016 in New York, NY.

Regional Assignment

Below are the 9 geographic regional competition locations.
NOTICE: Due to a shortage of hosts this year, we will have Nine Regions, which means we will likely not be able to accommodate as many teams as in previous years. Additionally, these regions are not evenly spaced geographically across the United States. Therefore, for the 2015-2016 competition year, we are removing the geographical regional restrictions for registrants. We will be assigning schools to regional locations based on the following factors:

1. Date registration is submitted

2. Capacity of the regional host

3. The registering school’s ranked choice of region

4. If the registering school has hosted in the last 5 years

We ask schools to indicate, in rank order, the regional location the school would prefer to be placed. We will assign schools to regions that have availability based on the registering school's ranked choice of location, on a first come first serve basis if the school has met the hosting requirements. If the school has not met the hosting requirements, the school will be given a lower priority for assignment to a region and may be placed on a waiting list if regions are filled by schools that have fulfilled the hosting requirement. 


RegionHost SchoolRegional Dates
1Quinnipiac University School of LawFebruary 27-28
2Benjamin N. Cardozo School of LawMarch 6-7
3Georgetown University Law CenterFebruary 19-20
4Washington and Lee University LawFebruary 20-21
5University of Memphis School of LawFebruary 26-27
6University of Utah School of LawMarch 5-6
7Washington University School of LawMarch 5-6
8Texas A&M University School of LawFebruary 27-28
9Chapman University School of LawFebruary 27-28


After the ABA receives your entry form we will assign you to a regional and will send you official confirmation of your regional assignment. All Competition Participants Must Read the Rules.

Click HERE for the 2015-2016 Competition Rules.  

Information for Host Schools:
Click HERE to access the Information Packet for to assist regional host schools with planning and organizing the regional competition

For those who have registered, print and retain a copy of the information below for your reference.

  • The ABA must receive this entry form by January 15, 2016.
  • The  Regional competitions will be held during February and early March.  The regional hosts schedule their regionals based on their school calendar and availability of rooms.  Check the Competition home page for current information about regional locations and dates.
  • Regions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, after which teams are assigned to other regions based on availability.  Priority for regional assignments is determined by the date the school’s registration form is received and if the school has met the hosting requirements. Most regional hosts have the capacity to manage 10 to 14 teams.
  • Schools may enter 1 or 2 teams in the regional competition.  Schools will not be allowed to change the number of teams entered in the competition after January 16th except by invitation from the ABA.  If a school enters two teams, the school must field two teams at the regional competition.  This competition requires an even number of teams in each region and a late withdrawal negatively impacts all of the teams in the region.
  • Do not assume your school is assigned to any regional until the primary contact for your school receives a confirmation of regional assignment from the ABA . 
  • The National Finals will be held in April in conjunction with the Section of Dispute Resolution's Spring Conference.  The winning team from each Region will be invited to participate in the Nationals.
  • Please refer to the Competition Rules for eligibility criteria.  All participating students are required to read the Competition Rules.
  • After you register all communication from ABA the will be via e-mail to the primary contact you list on the registration form.  The primary contact must be someone who regularly checks their e-mail and will forward the information to the participating students.  Some of the information sent by the ABA is time sensitive.
  • If the number of teams registered in a region is not a multiple of two the ABA may invite a school to field an additional team at no cost to the school.
  • Regional host schools are exempt from the entry fee but must complete an entry form.
  • If your school is unable to participate in the competition after you have submitted your entry fee and you notify the Section of the inability to participate before January 15th, the entry fee will be refunded minus a $50 processing fee.  No entry fees will be refunded if notification of inability to participate is received after the January 15th entry deadline.
  • The ABA will pair the teams within regions and assign teams to competition problems as soon as possible after the entry deadline.  It may take several days to pair teams and assign problems depending on the number of teams that have registered from each region. Our goal is to send regional pairings of the teams competing in the regions and the three regional problems to the primary contact for each team on or before February 8th.
  • All law schools that participate in the Representation in Mediation Competition are expected to serve as a regional host school for the Competition within the next five years.  By entering your school in the 2015-2016 you are committing your school to host in the future.

DVDs from past Competitions

Contact to order the DVD of the 2008 Regional Competition

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