D'Alemberte Raven Award

The Section’s D’Alemberte-Raven Award is the Section’s highest honor and was created to recognize outstanding service in dispute resolution.

This award was approved by the American Bar Association Board of Governors and was created to recognize outstanding service in dispute resolution. The award is usually presented in conjunction with the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Spring Conference. The Section of Dispute Resolution honors Robert D. Raven and Talbot D’Alemberte by using their names in the award title. Both hold the unique position of being both ABA Presidents and Dispute Resolution Chairs. Both guided the Section to be a leader in the dispute resolution arena: D’Alemberte as the first chair (1976-79) of the then ABA Special Committee on Resolution of Minor Disputes and Raven as the first chair (1993-94) of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution.

The deadline for nominations is October 29, 2016.

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Past Recipients:

1995    Roger Fisher

1997    Attorney General Janet Reno

1999    Frank Sander

2000    Judge Dorothy Nelson

2001    James Henry

2002    Nancy Rogers

2003    Judge Robert M. Bell

2004    Ambassador Richard Holbrooke

2005    Gerald Aksen

2007    Charles B. Renfrew

2008    Thomas J. Stipanowich

2009    Magistrate Judge Wayne Brazil

2010    Judge Warren Knight

2011    John Feerick

2012    Linda Singer and Michael Lewis

2013    Senator George J. Mitchell

2014    Governor Bill Richardson

2015    David Hoffman

2016    Laura Chasin