Steering Committee

The Blueprint Project Steering Committee is chaired by ABA Past-President Robert Hirshon and is comprised of representatives from a broad spectrum of entities. If you would like to appoint a representative to the Steering Committee, email a request to

Robert Hirshon
Ann Arbor, MI

Steering Committee Members

Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services
Stephanie Kimbro
Wilmington, NC

Solo, Small Firm, General Practice Division
Richard Pena  
Austin   TX

Law Practice Division
Erik Mazzone
Cary, NC

Young Lawyers Division
Michael Bergmann
Chicago, IL

Business Law Section
Jessica Manivasager
Minneapolis, MN

Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights & Responsibilities
Luz Herrera
San Diego, CA

Standing Committee on Lawyer Referral and Information Systems
John C. Norwine
Cincinnati, OH

Standing Committee on Group and Prepaid Legal Services
William R. Go
Bakersfield, CA

Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence
Lisa C. Smith
Brooklyn, NY

State Bar of South Dakota
Francy E. Foral
Pierre, SD


Real Property Trust & Estate Law Section:
Ira Waldman
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Judicial Division
Lora J. Livingston
Austin, TX

Project Staff

Will Hornsby
Staff Counsel

Project Consultant

Katherine Alteneder