The Ideas Page

The ideas page is like a sketch pad. We start with some vaguely formed ideas, exchange some views and add to it the details until we advance these ideas to action, be it policy resolutions, procedural changes or other methodologies. Those ideas that move toward policies will migrate to that page of our website.

We have created some categories, which we hope will enable us to visualize the ideas within a framework of change. Understand that at any point in time, the ideas will range from nothing more than a label to a thoughtful assessment.

Enhancing Law Practice Management Resources


Organization of Practice

Financial Strategies

  • Groups and Prepaid Legal Services and Sec 120
  • Barter and Sustainable Economies
  • Crowd fund legal costs
  • Non–profit tax exemption
  • Non–profit practice and the Professional Independence of Practice
  • Credit cards
  • Sale of a Law Practice

Networks and Pipelines

Collaborative Problem Solving

  • Court procedural audits
  • Automated document preparation
  • Automated intake
  • Scaling court filing fees
  • Fee–shifting
  • Gaming


  • Collaborations
  • Holistic law
  • Succession match–making and sale of a practice
  • Idea outreach
    • Meetups
    • Hackathons
  • Use of analytics