Global Anti-Corruption Initiatives Task Force: List of Links

Global Anti-Corruption Initiatives Task Force: List of Links

Department of Justice's FCPA Website

Anti-Corruption Websites from Across the Globe

International Agreements Relating to Bribery of Foreign Officials

Reporting An FCPA Violation to the Justice Department

Translations of the FCPA

U-4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

International Anti-Corruption Organizations

Multilateral Organizations




European Anti-Bribery Blog


FCPA Professor Blog

German Law Journal   

Kroll Global Fraud Report  

White Collar Crime Professor Blog     

U.S. Agencies

U.S. Department of Justice

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission  

U.S. Attorneys' Offices  

Federal Bureau of Investigations  

U.S. Legal Resources

FY 2011 USDOJ Performance Budget for U.S. Attorneys

U.S. Department of Justice Opinion Release  

U.S. Department of Justice Grand Jury Manual  

SEC Anti-Money Laundering Source Tools  

SEC Litigation Releases   

U.S. Chamber of Commerce's FCPA Report 

Code of Federal Regulations   

FCPA (Full Text) 

Federal Contractor Misconduct Database

Federal Criminal Laws (Title 18)  

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure   

Federal Securities Laws (Title 15)  

Lay Persons Guide to the FCPA  

U.S. Attorneys' Manual (USAM)  

International Conventions and Initiatives

Inter-American Convention Against Corruption

Anti-Bribery Convention  

U.N. Convention Against Corruption

Country-by-Country OECD Reports     

Key OECD Documents

Good Practice Guidance on Internal Controls, Ethics, and Compliance  

Initiative to Raise Global Awareness of Foreign Bribery        

Recent U.S. Administration Pronouncements on Global Anti-Bribery Efforts

A.G. Holder's OECD Keynote Speech (May 31, 2010) 


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