Rules and Requirements

Rules for Submission to the Citizen Amicus Project

Who can participate?: All currently enrolled law students are eligible to participate. 

What are the requirements for submission?:  There are no specific rules.  The goal of the project is to present ideas of what society would consider objectively reasonable under the Fourth Amendment using a combination of legal analysis, societal analysis, constitutional reasoning, and personal experience or observation.  Submissions should be between 500-1000 words, addressing the issues presented in the question presented as stated by the United States Supreme Court.  Please send the submissions in the text of your email.  Please remember that this is a legal project that will be read by legal professionals, judges, and your peers.

What is the format for the submissions?:  The format should simply address the question presented.  Please do not include all of the formalities of a regular amicus brief, or any brief.  The submissions should focus on the legal arguments, ideas, insights, and societal arguments that address the Fourth Amendment questions.  Please include your name and law school affiliation in your submission.

How do I submit?:  Send your submission to

What will happen to my submission?:  It will be screened by members of the ABA Criminal Justice Section Law Students Activities Committee.  All submissions will be reviewed to prevent objectionable, distracting, or irrelevant content and then posted on the submission page.

Who will read my submission?:  The submissions will be available on the internet for public viewing.

Is this an ABA forum for ABA opinions?  No.  This is an ABA Criminal Justice Section forum for student opinions.  All ideas are attributable to the individual student submitters and not the ABA.