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The ABA Forum on the Construction Industry is the leading source of high quality reference materials on the topics of most concern to busy construction lawyers. Written by leading practitioners, these well-researched books will be valued additions to your library.



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Fundamentals of Construction Law, Second Edition (2013)
Product Code 5570230, $189.95

Twenty-seven construction lawyers collaborate to impart expert information across all areas of construction law. This is the definitive primer on the subjects that are at the heart of every construction law dispute. In depth analysis explains the key principles of construction law, making this book is a "must have" for any lawyer practicing in this area, particularly those new to the field. Its scope is unique among construction treatises, because it explains the perspectives of the various "players" - owner, designer, constructor, and surety, as well as discussing key contract provisions.

This new edition is expanded to include chapters on:

-Alternative dispute resolution

Construction Damages and Remedies, Second Edition (2013)
Product Code 5570229, $199.95

Whether preparing for a trial, formulating a claim for maximum effect, or evaluating a claim for purposes of settlement strategy, use Construction Damages and Remedies, Second Edition as your main reference. Key principles of damages in the construction context and the remedies that support them are distilled into a readable and accessible format, and summaries of the applicable law and practical advice in its applications are also included. Complete with Key Number references, the book extensively covers:

-Remedies and damages related to bidding
-Remedies and damages available to owners
-Design professional liability to clients
-Contractor and subcontractor remedies for breach
-Tort damages, and much more.

Construction Defects (2012)
Product Code 5570226, $179.95

Provides an analytical guide to the non-uniform construction defects law in the United States. Ten chapters cover the key issues that specialists in the field of construction law and construction defects have identified as most relevant to the subject to serve as a frame of reference for analysis of any construction defect issue.

Infrastructure From the Ground Up: Civil Engineering Works for Lawyers (2012)
Product Code 5570228, $169.95

Significant construction projects mean significant legal organization and planning, as well as construction disputes. This book provides lawyers with valuable, detailed information on the basics of the major types of infrastructure projects. Understanding the fundamental concepts of these projects gives an attorney an advantage in effectively representing their client.

Construction Insurance, A Guide for Lawyers and Other Professionals (2011)
Product Code 5570225, $159.95

A straightforward and practical resource on financial and accounting issues, meant to assist even the most 'numbers challenged construction law practitioner. The book provides a useful reference on even the more detailed and complicated financial topics that a construction lawyer may be called upon to handle.

The Construction Law Glossary (2010)
Product Code 5570223, $79.95

Concise and authoritative definitions of hundreds of construction law terms, covering all aspects of the field. The specialized terminology of construction law, made fully accessible to all, whether seasoned practitioner or recent graduate.

Construction Accounting, A Guide for Lawyers and Other Professionals (2010)
Product Code 5570220, $159.95

Accounting concepts relevant to construction practice, presented in terms non-accountants can comprehend. Understanding construction company financial statements, claim pricing issues, special government contact accounting problems, and recognizing income from unresolved changes and claims are just some of the key topics clearly explained.

The Design Build Deskbook, Fourth Edition (2010)
Product Code 5570222, $189.95

The applicable legal requirements and constraints in every U.S. state and Canadian province. Newly updated for 2010, this popular Deskbook tracks the evolution of licensing laws and public procurement requirements to better support the increasing use of design-build.

Federal Government Construction Contracts, Second Edition (2010)
Product Code 5570219, $189.95

The only comprehensive guide to government construction issues, now completely revised and updated. All aspects of government construction contracts are covered: contract formation and bid protests, the Federal Acquisition Regulation, contract performance issues, terminations, design-build, socioeconomic issues, disputes and litigation with the government.

International Construction Law, A Guide for Cross-Border Transacttions and Legal Disputes (2009)
Product Code 5570217, $189.95

Covering both transactional and contentious issues arising when project developers, contractors or design professionals take on projects outside the United States, this book is a must if your clients are considering expanding overseas.

Justin Sweet, an Anthology of Construction Law Writings (2009)
Product Code 5570218B, $120.00

An anthology of Professor Sweet's favorite construction articles from a pioneering career of bringing an academic focus to the subject of construction law.

Construction Law (2009)
Product Code 5570215, $195.00

The premier textbook on the subject, suitable for both law and engineering students. A comprehensive legal overview of the construction industry and its processes.


THE Construction Contracts Book: How to Find Common Ground in Negotiating (2008)
Product Code 5570203, $189.95

A topic-by-topic comparison of the forms of agreements from the AIA, the EJCDC, and ConsensusDOCS. Most construction lawyers are familiar with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) forms of agreements, and the newer ConsensusDOCS forms. The ConsensusDocs forms replace many of the forms previously issued by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC).


Construction Checklists (2008)
Product Code 5570213, $189.95

70 essential checklists for busy practitioners covering key recurring issues in construction law. Each checklist addresses a particular practice issue regularly confronted by construction lawyers.


The 2007 A201 Deskbook (2007)
Product Code 5570212, $179.00

Reference guide to the 2007 changes in the most-used AIA document of all--the A201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction. This Deskbook analyzes every significant change made to A201 in the 2007 revision cycle.


False Claims in Construction Contracts (2007)
Product Code 5570211, $189.95

The essential guide to avoiding False Claims traps for the unwary government contractor. Billions of dollars of claims have been processed under the False Claims Act, and your client may be the next target.


Design Professional & Construction Manager Law (2007)
Product Code 5570206, $189.95

A comprehensive analysis of the potential liability of these professionals, considering the developing concepts and principles applicable to these increasingly important players in the construction industry.


Forms & Substance (2007)
Product Code 5570098, $229.00

A wide variety of forms for specialized agreements frequently needed on construction projects. The forms include teaming arrangements, financing and surety agreements, pre-construction and program management agreements, and more.


Discovery Deskbook for Construction Disputes (2006)
Product Code 5570094, $169.95

A reference guide for all aspects of the discovery process, covering document production, interrogatories, depositions, and electronic discovery. Objections, discovery sanctions, and international discovery are also covered.


Fundamentals of Construction Law (2002)
Product Code 5570078, $129.95

The basics and key principles of the field, in clear and understandable language. A "must have" for every new construction lawyer, as well as those needing a quick refresher.


Sticks & Bricks (2002)
Product Code 5570075, $144.95

What construction lawyers need to know about modern building technology. Nationally recognized engineers, architects and contractors explain building technology in clear language.


Construction Lawyer's Guide to Labor & Employment Law (2001)
Product Code 5570073, $84.95

Practical guide for navigating the labor and employment issues that most frequently arise in the practice of construction law.


Partnering in Construction (1999)
Product Code 5570064, $109.95

The essentials of effective partnering and a step by step guide for getting there. Everything you need to create an effective partnering relationship.


Construction Accident Law (1999)
Product Code 5570063, $129.95

Construction accident? Here is all the relevant law in a nutshell, no matter which party you represent. It also provides a balanced analysis of related insurance issues.


Sweet on Construction Law (1997)
Product Code 5570053, $109.95

An engaging conversation based on a series of lectures by professor Justin Sweet, full of entertaining anecdotes and heretical opinions.