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Youth In Court Training and TA Package

All I ever wanted was to be heard and not just dismissed." This quote from a youth in foster care is common. Youth have rarely been allowed to participate in their dependency court proceedings. The ABA's Bar-Youth Empowerment Project is collaborating with the National Child Welfare Resource Center on Legal and Judicial Issues to provide free trainings and technical assistance to states and territories for judges, lawyers, CASA's, social workers, foster parents, and all other stakeholders on effective strategies and practices to enhance the involvement of youth in court.

We are happy to structure the training/TA to meet your state's needs and to match where your state may be in regard to the process of engaging youth in the court process. The focus can be on buy in from stakeholders, how to prepare youth for court, how to engage youth in court, how to create a court environment and hearing that best includes youth in the process, and/or how to debrief youth following court hearings. Please click here for a sample day long agenda that we could bring to your state. Also, click here for a sample longer TA on developing policies around youth in court

We would be happy to speak with anyone about these trainings and explore how your jurisdiction can better involve youth in dependency court hearings. Our training and technical assistance support is useful for jurisdictions that have already been including youth, and for those who have just started to consider this option. For more information, or to request training or TA, please contact:

Linda Britton, Project Director

(202) 662-1730

Judicial Benchcards

The Bar-Youth Empowerment Project has developed a series of benchcards that are designed to assist judges with meaningfully involving youth in their court hearings. Please click on each of the following links to download the benchcards: