Fostering Connections Act

The ABA Center on Children and the Law has demonstrated a long-standing interest in the issues specific to older youth in and transitioning from foster care. On October 7, 2008, President Bush signed the “Fostering Connections to Success Act” (P.L. 110-351) into law. This law contains a number of provisions important for older youth in care. Additionally, as a result of this law, states will have the opportunity to obtain federal funds for support of youth in foster care beyond age 18. Below are relevant publications about youth transitioning out of care, as well as relevant ABA Policy.

Fostering Connections Act

In the wake of the Fostering Connections to Success Act, the Bar-Youth Empowerment Project and others emailed a number of national child welfare listservs (including the Court Improvement Project listserv, the ABA child-court listserv, and other national groups) asking states to identify recent bills introduced since enactment of P.L. 110-351 that would extend support for foster youth in that state beyond age 18.

The attached chart summarizes key information obtained in regard to states that introduced. Anyone with information on states not listed on the chart that have introduced legislation in the wake of the Fostering Connections to Success Act to extend support for foster youth beyond age 18 should email that information to:

The Bar-Youth Empowerment project participated in a workgroup organized by the National Foster Care Coalition (NFCC) that developed a Frequently Asked Questions publication related to the older youth provisions of the newly enacted Fostering Connections Act.

This publication includes sections related to education, extension of care beyond age 18, court process, and youth engagement, among others.

Please click here to access the document.