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Court Cases by West Virginia

State ex rel. Aaron M. v. West Virginia Dept. of Health and Human Resources
571 S.E. 2d 142, 211 W.Va. 323 (2001)

The parental rights of the mother of Aaron M. and Anthony H. were terminated, and custody was awarded to his maternal grandmother. As part of that order, the state Department of Health and Human Services was ordered to provide medical care, treatment and services for the physical, emotional and psychological needs of the children. One of the diagnoses included fetal alcohol syndrome.

The particular dispute in this case concerned a request that the Department be ordered to pay for treatment for another disorder.

In re Brandon Lee
567 S.E. 2d 597 (W.Va. 2001)

State agency sued to have the mother of a child declared unfit to care for the child. The state relied in part on evidence that the mother had FAS. 567 S.E. 2d at 599. The appellate court held that the record showed the mother was unfit, and directed that her parental rights be terminated.