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Rowan v. Barnhart
2003 WL 21246542 (3d Cir.)

Rowan applied for SSI benefits under the Social Security Act. The Social Security Administration denied benefits because it concluded that Rowan was capable ofr doing some non-demanding jobs. Rowan sought review of that decision by the federal courts. The court of appeals concluded that there was conflicting evidence regarding whether Rowan could work, and that therefore it was up to the Social Security Administration to decide the issue.

The case is significant because the court of appeals concluded that the evidence Rowan offered was sufficient to support a finding that he could not work, even though it did not compel that finding. It appears that Rowan had never held a full time job. The evidence supporting his claim that she could not work full time included the following:

"Rowan needed supervision when carrying out instructions, including when doing his chores around the home and when shopping, could not maintain a residence independently, had great difficulty in all facets of social functioning, especially with people his own age, had impaired concentration, had difficult organizing tasks, 'acted up,' acted unpredictably, sometimes ran away from home, was placed in special education classes at school, was often 'on edge,' and sometimes acted violently."