Professional Responsibility Newsletter - Now Available


Professional Responsibility Newsletter - Now Available

By Graham Hunt

3/13/14, 10:58 AM CT | Author: Tiffany Adams

On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, the Professional Responsibility Committee released the latest issue of its newsletter via email to all Professional Responsibility Committee members.

The following content was included in this issue:

  • Note from Editor-in-Chief
  • Business Law Section Spring Meeting April 10-12 Los Angeles, California Committee Events & Ethics Programs
  • Ethics Programs by Other Committees
  • "Ownership" of Attorney-Client Privilege in the Context of Mergers
  • In-Firm Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Selective Waiver Limited in S.D.N.Y.
  • Attorneys' Ethical Obligations and Whistleblower Rewards
  • Drunk "Tipping" Leads to SEC Enforcement Action
  • Discoverability of Social Media Information
  • Florida Firm Sues Bar Association Over Website/Blog Restrictions
  • Martin I. Kaminsky, Legal and Ethical Issues Involved in Representing Affiliates or Principals of Clients, The Journal of the Legal Profession
  • Christopher J. Whelan & Neta Ziv, Law Firm Ethics in the Shadow of Corporate Social Responsibility, Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics
  • Brittany Stringfellow Otey, Millenials, Technology, and Professional Responsibility: Training a New Generation in Technological Professionalism, The Journal of the Legal Profession
  • Firm Counsel Connection Continues to Expand its Reach
  • Network of State and Local Bar Ethics Committee Liaisons
  • Multinational Ethics & Professional Responsibility Subcommittee
  • Behavioral Ethics - behavioral ethics program planned for Section Annual Meeting in September 2014
  • Committee Meeting at 2014 National Conference on Professional Responsibility

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The mission of the Professional Responsibility Committeeis to improve the law and inform Section members with respect to issues of legal ethics, professional responsibility, professional conduct, and the law governing lawyers.

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