ABA Section of Antitrust Law | Chair's Message

A Message From The Chair

Roxann Henry - SAL Chair

Looking back on this year, let me thank the very many people who contributed to the Section's work.  The dedication and generous devotion of time and expertise of our members continues to yield bountiful results.  In the 2015-2016 ABA year, more than 4,600 individuals attended the Section's 12 meeting events and more than 6,000  participated in the Section's 163 Committee programs.  The Section also published 6 new books as well as 48 articles in Antitrust Magazine, 19 articles in Antitrust Law Journal, and 30 articles in Antitrust Source.  

Moreover, the Section fulfilled all my goals for international outreach, greater involvement with the judiciary and the promotion of balance and diversity.  And Bill MacLeod, with your assistance, will lead the Section to greater heights in the coming Section year.

Most recently, thought-provoking discourse filled the room at the Section's June 21 Sentencing Symposium.  The generous participation of the U.S. Department of Justice with Brent Snyder, Ann O'Brien, Kate Patchen (the new Chief of the San Francisco office) and Belinda Barnett and fellow enforcers from Canada, Brazil, and Mexico along with academics, Judge Ginsburg, economists, and highly experienced members of the bar brought many interesting perspectives to the issues of how to improve antitrust sentencing and related victim redress.

The Symposium followed closely our Antitrust in Asia program in Hong Kong and the Section's presentation to the OECD regarding the Task Force Report on Foreign Investment Reviews.  All of these demonstrated the ever-increasing global reach of our Section's work and the extraordinary intensity and depth of experience that the Section brings to the continuing development and understanding of the law.

One of the highlights of our Antitrust in Asia event  was the appearance together for only the second time of the current heads of all three of the Chinese AML agencies: NDRC, MOFCOM, and SAIC.  (The first time was at our Beijing Antitrust in Asia event in 2014.)  Co-Chairs Chris Hockett and Koren Wong-Ervin deserve special thanks from all of us for their work on this spectacular event.

I look forward to future Section programs, publications, and activities and encourage everyone to continue to give generously to this work.  It is well worth the investment. 

Best wishes,

Roxann Henry
Chair, Section of Antitrust Law 2015-2016