ABA Section of Antitrust Law | Chair's Message

A Message From The Chair

Roxann Henry - SAL Chair

It's not too late to register for the International Cartel Workshop to be held in Tokyo on February 3-5, 2016.  With over 300 already registered, the participation of top enforcers from jurisdictions around the globe -- including the US, EC, Canada, Brazil, and Japan -- and mock courtroom proceedings in both civil and criminal cases before a US federal judge, Tokyo will abound with new insights and fantastic networking.  A special, one-time only 50% discount for in-house legal departments has driven attendance from the corporate world in Japan and brought new members to the ABA and the Section.  (The least expensive way for in-house legal department members from outside the US to register is to join the ABA at the international rate and the Section, then take advantage of the Section rate.)  If your practice involves cartels, don't miss this event!

As the Section year nears its halfway mark, I once again want to thank everyone for their work on behalf of the Section.  Committee programs and our CLE events have delivered a bounty of education and networking opportunities.  Our publications have kept pace with the programming, from Committee Newsletters and other materials posted on Connect to the Source, Antitrust Magazine, the Antitrust Journal and work on our books.  

Let me call attention to just a few of those who deserve our appreciation for programs we've already completed:  Jackie Grise and Jerry Swindell, Co-Chairs of the Merger Workshop; Sean Gates, our Co-Chair for the Antitrust and Intellectual Property Conference; Amanda Reeves, Chair of the Law & Economics Training for Judges; Gary Zanfagna and Heather Tewksbury, Co-Chairs of the Fall Forum; and Kathy Fenton, Chair of the London Global Networking Seminar.  These events were fantastic.  Let us all give our thanks to the staff.  The staff has had a lot of challenges with the tremendous workload we impose on them.  They rise to the occasion with utmost professionalism and make us all look good.  I ask everyone to give staff some recognition for their contributions to the work we're doing as we move into the next half of our Section year.

Lastly, I know that you all share my excitement as we anticipate the rest of the Section year.  The Spring Meeting and many more events and publications will soon be here.  I'll provide more details soon.

Best wishes,

Roxann Henry
Chair, Section of Antitrust Law 2015-2016