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A Message From The Chair

Roxann Henry - SAL Chair

Competition, Disruption and Transition: The Future of Enforcement at Fall Forum

Nobody I know in the competition or consumer protection bar can remember when more investigations, more complaints, and more trials were targeting major sectors of the economy. Officials and practitioners from Canada, the Americas and the EU say the same, and nobody sees the trend tapering off.

This is not a cyclical wave. The bedrock beneath the economy is shifting. Startups are threatening entrenched incumbents. New technology is restructuring entire industries. Consumers are bypassing traditional markets. Industrial evolution is accelerating. Ingredients such as these fuel antitrust combustion - with mergers, collaboration, repositioning and exclusion all in the mix.

Policy makers are racing to catch up, sometimes facilitating, sometimes resisting, change. Regulations, whether from decades past or recent rulemakings, are becoming central issues in competition practice. Indeed, the desirable balance between competitive and regulated markets has become a contentious issue in the elections.

The 2016 Fall Forum will provide a unique and compelling perspective on this new playing field. Enforcers will discuss the stakes and debate the tactics, from case selection to trial to appeal. Veterans from the cases will explain their victories, and dissect their defeats. And we will ponder competition and consumer protection in the next presidency.

Assistant Attorney General Hesse will open the Forum. Chairwoman Ramirez will answer our questions after lunch. Officials from many states will weigh in on their dual roles as prosecutors and defense counsel. Commissioner Ohlhausen will help reconcile the divergent interests. We will conclude with an interview of the leaders of the Antitrust Section's Presidential Transition Task Force.

And of course, we will gather for a reception with our distinguished faculty after the show. Fall is here. The Forum awaits. See you there! 


Bill MacLeod
Chair, Section of Antitrust Law 2016-2017