Continuing Legal Education

Continuing Legal Education

Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)
The ABA is an accredited provider of continuing legal education to the legal community. The Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice does provide CLE programs. There will be a table on-site at all CLE programs with the materials you will need for MCLE credit submission.  

To review your state requirements please click here.

On-site participants will need to provide their state license number to receive CLE credit and to sign into the "General Attendance Sheet," with the exception of New York attorneys (please see specific instructions below). A staff member will be on-site and available to answer any questions.

After signing the "General Attendance Sheet," attendees will receive a Uniform Certificate of Attendance, a How to Get the Most CLE Credits information sheet and evaluation forms. DO NOT give back the Uniform Certificate of Attendance to the ABA. 

*Please review special CLE requirements for Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas attorneys*

Delaware Attorneys - Attorneys seeking Delaware CLE will need to sign in and out on the "Delaware Attendance Form" for each individual session.

New York Attorneys - Attendees seeking New York CLE are required to sign in and out on the "New York Attendance Form" for each individual session. New York attorneys will also receive a "Individual Session Certificate of Attendance" after they sign out for each session attended. Please visit the registration area to pick up your certificate(s) and additional materials.

Pennsylvania Attorneys - All attorneys seeking Pennsylvania CLE must complete the "Pennsylvania CLE Credit Request Form". ONLY ONE is required per person. This form along with the Uniform Certificate of Attendance and payment of $1.50 per credit hour attendance fee are to be mailed to PACLE (as instructed in the Pennsylvania CLE Credit Request Form). PA attorneys must still sign in on the "General Attendance Sheet."

Texas Attorneys - All attorneys seeking Texas CLE must fill out the CLE Course Attendance scantron form on-site at the event.  You must give the scantron back to the CLE table once you have completed your session.  Texas attorneys must still sign in on the "General Attendance Sheet."

CLE program participants are urged to complete a course evaluation for each session they attend.  These forms help us to craft programs that meet your specific legal education needs - please help us to continue to offer the highest quality programs by completing evaluation forms and recommending future topics and speakers.  Please leave the evaluation forms with the room attendant, or return the forms by email to after the program. 

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