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Fall 2010, Volume 36, Number 1

Litigation News - Fall 2010Features

The Changing Landscape of Arbitration

By Anthony R. McClure

Report Finds Lingering Discrimination in Jury Selection

By Henry R. Chalmers

Supreme Court Rejects Media Prejudice Defense in Skilling Case

By Douglas E. Motzenbecker


Summer 2010, Volume 35, Number 4

Litigation News - Summer 2010Features

Evidentiary Hearings on Juror Bias

By Kent A. Lambert

Can Lawyers Ever Speak Out Against Former Clients?

By Katerina Milenkovski

Divided Supreme Court Permits Class Action to Proceed in Federal Court

By Douglas E. Motzenbecker


Spring 2010, Volume 35, Number 3

Litigation News - Spring 2010Features

Clients Pushing Firms to Implement Flex-Time Policies

By Effie D. Silva and Jeffrey R. Teeters

Employment Litigation: What GINA Means for Employers and Employees

By Teresa Rider Bult and Mary S. Diemer

New Standards for E-Discovery Shortfalls

By Lindsay M. Sestile


Winter 2010, Volume 35, Number 2

Litigation News - Winter 2010Features

States Weigh Disclosure of Liability Insurance Status to Clients

By Lisa R. Bliss

Nanotechnology and the Future of Litigation

By Kristine L. Roberts

Supreme Court Raises the Pleadings Bar Again

By Douglas E. Motzenbecker


Fall 2009, Volume 35, Number 1

Litigation News - Spring 2009Features

Blawgers Eye Ruling as Protection from Advertising Restrictions

By Matthew A. Goldberg

The Red Flags Privacy Rule

By Lindsay M. Sestile

Attorney-Client Privilege Trumps Workplace Regulations

By Sean T. Carnathan


Summer 2009, Volume 34, Number 4

Litigation News - Spring 2009Features

Hidden Class Rep Incentives

By Karen L. Stevenson

Time to Look Again at AFAs?

By Sherry L. Talton

Internet Anonymity in Defamation Cases

By Kent A. Lambert


Spring 2009, Volume 34, Number 3

Litigation News - Spring 2009Features

A Civil Right to Counsel

By Lisa Radtke Bliss

Is Justice Denied a Shortcut to Anarchy?

By Katerina Milenkovski and Mary S. Diemer

Court Denies Review of Use of Victim Impact Videos

By Amy G. Doehring


Winter 2009, Volume 34, Number 2

Litigation News - Winter 2009Features

Jury Project Confirms Best Practices of ABA’s Jury Innovations

By Katherine W. Wittenberg and Jeffrey R. Teeters

Rule of Evidence 502s: Impact on Protective Orders and Subject Matter Waiver

By Kristine L. Roberts and Mary S. Diemer

ABA Ethics Opinion Guides Lawyers in Outsourcing

By Lisa R. Bliss and Jeffrey R. Teeters


Fall 2008, Volume 34, Number 1

Litigation News - Spring 2009Features

Arbitration Agreements That Expand Judicial Review

By Henry R. Chalmers, Mary S. Diemer, and Jeffrey R. Teeters

In-House Expansion

By Katerina Milenkovski, Mary S. Diemer, and Jeffrey R. Teeters

Curb on Punitives

By Douglas E. Motzenbecker, Mary S. Diemer, and Jeffrey R. Teeters