Volume 20, Number 5
July/August 2003


From the Editor

Jennifer J. Rose
Bring on the Rain!

The Chair's Corner

Karen J. Mathis
The Year in Brief

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News

Lara Trujillo

Letter to the Editor

Resource Roundup

Product Review
Patricia M. Joyce
Commercial Arbitration

In the Solution

What If the Substance Is Sex?
Chris Frey

Being Solo

Thinking, Solo Style
David Leffler

GP Mentor

Voices of Experience:
Martha J. Church


A Blueprint for Marketing with Staff

Robert A. Kraft

Isn't It Time to Get a Web Page?

Keith B. McLennan

Too Much Rain, No One to Do All the Work

Sometimes Bigger Is Better

Eileen M. Letts

Handle More Work Effectively with a Paperless Office

David L. Masters

How to Manage the Rising Waters in a Small Town

William G. Schwab

The Fine Art of Turning Clients Away

Lonny H. Dolin

Do You Still Need to Join Kiwanis?

Lynne J. Stadjuhar

Rainmaking Tips from Solosez

Carolyn J. Stevens

How to "Partner" with Other Lawyers

Joseph A. DeWoskin

Ethics Concerns in Shared Office Space

William I. Weston

The Virtual Law Firm

Patrick W. Begos

Can the Rainmaker and the IRS Be Business Partners?

Dennis Jacknewitz and Patrick E. Stark


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