Volume 20, Number 3
April/May 2003


From the Editor

Jennifer J. Rose
The Gravity of Practicing Law.

The Chair's Corner

Karen J. Mathis
Taking Risks.

Resource Roundup

In the Solution

Lawrence S. Krieger
Taking Inventory: The Science of Happiness

GP Mentor
Voices of Experience: Robin Page West

Product Review

Christina Kallas
Advising the Elderly Client.

Being Solo

David Leffler
Real Life, Solo Style.


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Rewards and Risks of Pro Bono

Ann Massie Nelson
Four strategies to ensure that the rewards of doing pro bono work outweigh the potential risks.

Insurance Options for the Solo

Mitchell A. Orpett and Katja Kunzke
Explore the types of insurance available to make sure you are not under-protected.

Top Trends in Malpractice

Mary Kathleen Hartley
How you can avoid becoming ensnared in today's common claims.

Danger: Business Arrangements Ahead

Darrell G. Stewart
Advising your clients about business ventures is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Should Disclosure of Malpractice Insurance Be Mandatory? This issue's special point/counterpoint looks at whether an ethical rule is necessary.

Pro James E. Towery
Con Edward C. Mendrzycki

Settlement: Safe or Sorry?

Andrew C. Simpson
Most of the personal risks associated with settlement can be avoided through careful communication with clients.

Can Business as Usual Lead You to Extinction?

Charles F. Robinson
Ancillary business services, multidisciplinary practice, and other nontraditional arrangements can help lawyers stay competitive. But proceed with caution.

Inspect, Detect, Protect: Managing Environmental Risks

Howard Kenison
Lawyers must regard the increased potential for incurring unwanted environmental liabilities in clients' transfer of property or assets.

The Risks of Being Funny

Andrew J. McClurg
Harnessing the power of humor can help you professionally and personally.

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