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                                                                                                                 OCTOBER 2014


In nursing homes, eyes that never turn away
By Paula Span,The New York Times

Health law drug plans are given a check-up
By Katie Thomas,The New York Times

Higher tax rates force retirement redo
By Robert Powell, MarketWatch


"50+: Live Better, Longer" newsfeed
By WebMD

Aging and seniors newsfeed
By Medical News Today

Aging news
By Kaiser Health News

As America ages, shortage of help hits nursing homes

By James R. Hagerty, The Wall Street Journal

Bifocal, July/August 2014
ABA Commission on Law and Aging 

Where the old boys are: Life expectancy rising for senior men
By Diane C. Lade, Sun-Sentinel


Elder care newsfeed
By ScienceDaily  

The caregiver’s bookshelf: A law guide for seniors
By Paula Span, The New York Times

Coverage for end-of-life talks gaining ground
By Pam Belluck, The New York Times

End-of-life care in U.S. is lacking, report says
Conversations about dying should be held throughout life to save costs, improve care
By Stephanie Armour, The Wall Street Journal

Estate Planning

Wills and estate planning news archives
By Julie Garber, About Money

The cost of caring for aging parents
By Donna Fuscaldo, Fox Business

When aging parents need financial help

Families faced with an aging parent and a dwindling bank account have tough choices to make. 
By Susan Johnston, U.S. News & World Report

5 bedtime snacks that'll help you sleep better

After-dinner noshing might not be such a bad idea after all...
By Leah Fessler, WomensHealth   

5 foods you think are healthy-bar aren't
Beware conventional wisdom. Many 'healthy' diet choices are just as bad for you  
By Christopher Mohr, Ph.D, R.D., Men'sHealth

6 ways to fight jet lag (and not be too tired to enjoy your trip!)
By Amy Capetta, Today Health

Advice on practicing yoga in middle age
By Loren Fishman, The New York Times
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Drugs cause most fatal allergic reactions, study finds
By Nicholas Bakalar, The New York Times

How soda destroys your body
You may never hit the vending machine again.
By Rodale News, WomensHealth

Stroke telemedicine (telestroke)     
By The Mayo Clinic Staff

Treating C.O.P.D. in the elderly
By Judith Graham, The New York Times

Why you shouldn't drink warm bottled water 
Laura Tedesco, YahooHealth

Medicare newsfeed
By Kaiser Health News

Strengthening Medicare's drug benefit: 8 recommendations
Washington Post
Require private insurers in Part D to report suspected fraud, waste and abuse to the contractor Medicare hires to look for fraud, a step recommended by the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services. 

Investopedia Retirement Newsfeed

The New York Times Retirement Newsfeed  

USA Today Retirement Newsfeed   

Forget millennials: Boomers still drive stock-market bus
By Michael P. Regan, Bloomberg

The No. 1 flaw in America’s biggest 401(k) plans
By Paul A. Merriman, MarketWatch

To beat inflation, shop and save smarter
By Elizabeth O'Brien, MarketWatch  

Top retirement spots for real-estate investors

What a strong dollar means for retirees  
By Kenneth Roberts, MarketWatch

Your 401(k) plan may provide a false sense of security
By Daniel Solin, U.S. News & World Report


D.E.A. to allow return of unused pills to pharmacies 
By Catherine St. James, The New York Times

How an 83-year-old inventor beat the high cost of 3D printing

A contest to design a machine to produce low-cost filament for 3D printing has been won -- by a Washington State retiree.
By Harry McCrack, The Wall Street Journal

Most women opt for early Social Security
Women rarely take steps to maximize Social Security benefits, and only about a third say they work with a professional financial adviser, research finds.
By Plan Advisor Staff, Plan Advisor

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