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Walter T. Burke
  Ruth L. Kleinfeld
Anthony R. Palermo
September 2014
Featured Articles
Are your medical records vulnerable to theft?
By Eric Whitney, Kaiser Health News

An emerging price war in the world of investment advice
By Ron Lieber, The New York Times

Still serving their country: Nearly 70 WWII veterans remain on federal bench
United States Courts

The hazards of hoteling
By Amy Hebert, The Federal Trade Commission
50+: Live Better, Longer Newsfeed
By WebMD
Aging and Seniors Newsfeed
By Medical News Today
Aging News
By Kaiser Health News
Elder Care Newsfeed
By ScienceDaily

End-of-life care: An industry with soaring profits, funded by taxpayers
By Danielle Paquette, The Washington Post
(Scroll down the article webpage to access the article.)

Operator? Business, insurer take on end-of-life issues by phone
By Elana Gordon, WHYY's Newsworks, NPR and Kaiser Health News

Estate Planning
Estate Planning Newsfeed
By Bart Scovill, PLC

How to rebalance your portfolio
A strategy that it can boost your returns as well as lower your risks.
By Brett Arends, The Wall Street Jouranl

Meddling relatives can make a mess of your finances
Watch out for advice that is self-interested or ill-suited to your needs or unwise
By Veronica Dagher, The Wall Street Journal 

Your 401(k) plan may provide a false sense of security
An emplooyer's 401(k) plan may be insufficent for meeting your retirement needs.
By Daniel Solin, Money, U.S. News & World Report
3 ways insurers can still avoid covering the sick
By Tom Murphy, Associated Press, Findlaw

Ask Well: Fatty liver and diet
By Anahad O'Connor, The New York Times

High cholesterol risk factors: What you can control
Mayo Clinic

Proposed CMS rule expands telehealth payments, domain
By Joseph Conn, Seeking Modern Healthcare

Study discounts testosterone therapy for early prostate cancer
By Anahad O'Connor, The Wall Street Journal
Costly Vertex drug Is denied, and Medicaid patients sue
Kalydeco, a $300,000-a-year cystic fibrosis treatment, sparks legal battle in Arkansas and shows dilemma states face
By Joseph Walker, The Wall Street Journal
Medicare Newsfeed
By Kaiser Health News
Investopedia Retirement Newsfeed
The New York Times Retirement Newsfeed
USA Today Retirement Newsfeed

Are you saving enough for retirement?
It doesn't take a heroic effort to boost the eventual size of one's nest egg.
By Walter Upgrave, The Wall Street Journal

At this retirement home, aging actors craft shows like 'Law and Disorder'
Facility run by the Motion Picture & Television Fund has studio for in-house network: scripts in extra-large type
By Erich Schwatzel, The Wall Street Journal 

Be flexible to cope with unexpected hits to retirement funding
A good retirement plan could take a hit due to anything from poor investment returns to high inflation.
By David Ning, U.S. News & World Report

Can you afford to retire early?
The five-year rally in stocks has bolstered workers' nest eggs. But consider these six issues first.
By Liz Moyer, The Wall Street Journal

Online retirement calculators don’t calculate this
By Henry K. Hebler, MarketWatch

Study: Retirement-saving practices have tie to health
Two Washington University in St. Louis academics have found a correlation between retirement savings and health behavior: People who contribute regularly to a retirement plan are more likely to change their behavior in response to health risks
By Science 2.0/Scientific Blogging

Your 401(k) plan may provide a false sense of security
An employer's 401(k) plan may be insufficient for meeting your retirement needs
By Daniel Solin, U.S. News & World Report

Gratitude is the one pill everyone should be prescribed
By Angela Lunde, Mayo Clinic

How to digitally avoid taking it to the grave
By Thomas J. Fitzgerald, The New York Times

Long-term care website
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Power of attorney can have its own complications
By Paul Sullivan, The New York Times

Where older entrepreneurs can find help
There are many affordable resources, some geared for Boomers 
By Anne Tergesen, The Wall Street Journal

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