ABA ROLI Conducts First International Law School Assessment in Qatar

 January 2009

At the invitation of Qatar University, ABA ROLI conducted a comprehensive assessment of the sole law school in Qatar. The State of Qatar is committed to modernizing its entire educational system to lay the groundwork for a rigorous economic infrastructure as it continues to expand its global influence.

Using ABA’s and American Association of Law Schools’ (AALS) standards, the team reviewed the curriculum, teaching standards, administration, budget and facilities of Qatar University’s College of Law. From December 15 to December 22, 2008, a team of four American deans and law professors conducted an in-county review similar to the assessment process used to evaluate law schools in the United States. The team met with faculty, students, administrators, local attorneys and government officials, and monitored classes.

The team consisted of Dean Tom Read from South Texas College of Law, Dean Mary Kay Kane from Hastings College of Law, Dean Thomas Edmonds from University of Richmond School of Law and Associate Dean Joan Howland from University of Minnesota Law School. The team will present its findings and recommendations to Qatar University’s College of Law. The college will use the report to plan far-reaching reforms to ensure that their legal education program and legal system are prepared for the global challenges of the 21st Century.

In addition to the assessment project, ABA ROLI and Qatar University are working together to develop a number of other important programs in Qatar, including an innovative civic education project to promote the rule of law to the general public (For more information on this, visit www.ruleoflaw.org.qa).

To learn more about our work in Qatar, contact the ABA Rule of Law Initiative at <rol@staff.abanet.org>.