New Journal Ryada Showcases Work of Arab Women Lawyers

Cover of Ryada, the new law journal of the Arab Women’s Legal Network

Cover of Ryada, the new law journal of the Arab Women’s Legal Network

October 2007 

The Arab Women’s Legal Network (AWLN), a regional forum for the exchange of expertise and information among women in the Middle East and North Africa, has recently produced an inaugural law journal entitled Ryada. The authors present legal research and commentaries on court decisions, orders and the latest judicial opinions in the Arab world.  This first issue tackles general topics such as human rights and personal status laws, along with more technical topics, such as civil liability, commercial transactions and copyright protection.

Several members of the Network contributed to its publication by participating on a law journal committee and by soliciting feedback from the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative and universities such as the American University in Cairo. Ryada is unique in two respects:  it’s one of the first regional Arabic language law journals, and it sheds light on the scholarly achievements of Arab women legal professionals in the MENA region.  Through the publication of the law journal, the AWLN provides a forum for female legal professionals to develop their skills and reputations, thereby enabling more women to reach decision-making positions in the region. 

Click here to download a copy of Ryada ( available only in Arabic)